Homemade Ice Cream with Cookie Butter and Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Happy 2016! The future has arrived and I'm making ice cream.  Forget this "new year, new me" stuff, I'm hungry.  I know we still have sweets in every crevice of our kitchen, but we're out of ice cream and I had heavy whipping cream left from my French Toast Bake I made for Christmas.  Since I have a lot of Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's, I thought, why not make Cookie Butter Ice Cream?  We love it on our waffles and by the spoonful so ice cream would be delicious, too.  I wanted to add another mix-in to give the ice cream more texture and flavor so I added chopped up chocolate covered pretzels, extras I had from Christmas when I dipped pretzels in melted chocolate and sprinkled them with candy cane pieces.  I had some plain chocolate pretzels left, luckily, that did the job.  I used the same recipe from last time, the homemade ice cream with the mini peppermint waffle cookies.  I ended up loving the way it turned out and gave myself a pat on the back.  Not only do I love how it tastes but it was so fun to make!


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