French Toast with Fresh Huckleberries

Remember how I mentioned I brought back a huge container of huckleberries from my trip to Montana?  Well we're still making our way through it and enjoying every last berry.  So in addition to the huckleberry muffins I baked, I made buttermilk pancakes and French toast using the delicious huckleberries.  And that was just this week.  Plus I baked some homemade brownies the other night.  My excuse for all the baking?  All the nursing I'm doing with my twins and I'm burning like, a zillion calories.  Still, after I wean them I may need to go on a cleanse or try Veganism.  Right, I love Oreos and Pepperoni Pizza too much.  So back to the French toast.  I used to dislike it because of the eggs.  As a kid I wasn't an egg fan.  Now I don't mind them so much and they are a great source of protein.  See?  I could never go vegan.  This French toast tasted awesome because of the hucks and the warm maple syrup.  I finally figured out that I'm supposed to warm the syrup up.  I mean, who wants cold syrup on anything?  So the berries tasted so good on the warm French toast with the syrupy goodness.  I hope your breakfasts have been as tasty as mine this week!

     French Toast                        

2 eggs                                                                     

3/4 cup milk                                                    

1 t. vanilla extract                                                                               

2 slices of bread
fresh berries and syrup                                                                          


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