Thursday, March 23, 2017

General Porpoise Doughnuts and Coffee

When a James Beard Award Winning Chef opens up a doughnut shop, you better pay a visit. And pay you will because at almost four dollars each, you have to pay to play. But oh, the quality of the ingredients are like nothing you've ever found in a doughnut before. And the soft and fluffy, yeasty doughnuts and the homemade curds and jams inside will be something you won't soon forget either. 

Just like her restaurant next door, Bateau, Chef/Owner Renee Erickson has created a bright space with not a single detail forgotten. When you walk in, you just want to look around at everything and take note, because it looks so special. Even the sugar cubes at the coffee station are unique, and if my family wasn't waiting for me in the car for their doughnut fix, I would want to stay awhile. Each day they offer six flavors and they sell out quickly. When you walk in, you'll see them displayed almost like jewels and you can see the sense of pride they have in their product. I chose five doughnuts for my family and I. I decided on two Lemon Curds, one Chocolate Marshmallow, and two Peaches and Cream. I also ordered an Americano coffee for my husband and I to share, because let's face it, nothing is better than doughnuts and coffee. I then paid for my treasures and headed back to our car. 

After a trip to the park, it was finally time to head home and bite into those soft and sweet doughnuts. By then, we had waited long enough and we were all salivating.  We shared all five so we could try the three flavors. The Chocolate Marshmallow doughnut was eaten so fast, it basically disappeared. The Lemon Curd doughnut was interesting because the lemon flavor was so strong and not neon yellow and overly sugary like other doughnut places. The Peaches and Cream filling was light and subtle. But we all agreed that those doughnuts were the fluffiest and softest doughnuts ever. General Porpoise, sign me up for more. 

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Vons 1000 Spirits

If a Gustobistro is what you're looking for, then head over to Vons 1000 Spirits in downtown Seattle.  Just walk up the Harbor Steps and when you reach the top you'll see the Hammer Man in front of the Seattle Art Museum, Starbucks will be to the left, and Vons will be on your right.  Walk on in and you'll see the biggest collection of liquor you've probably ever seen, in fact there are over 1000 bottles displayed over the bar, hence the name Vons 1000 Spirits. 

Got a favorite cocktail you always order?  They'll make it for you.  If you want something a little different and specialty, you can order that.  One drink that stood out to me is the spun sugar cocktail.  Every martini is hand poured at the table and that's fun, but order the spun sugar one and watch it slowly evaporate as the server pours in the liquor.  Its whimsical and you'll feel special.  I was in the mood for something classic, so I ordered a Sidecar. 

For a little substance, my husband and I split a Sourdough Pizza.  Their Sourdough is kind of a big deal, and if you taste it, you'll understand why.  We had the pizza with Apple Butter and Beechers Aged White Cheddar.  Every bite was magic, from the soft sourdough crust, the melted and hot cheese, to the apple butter- my favorite part.  If you've never been fortunate enough to try apple butter, you are missing out.  It's quite the process to make but worth every bite.  My grandma made it for us when I was a kid, and when I took a bite of this pizza, I was transported back to her kitchen on her farm in Montana.  And you know a dish is good when you're brought right back to your childhood in one bite.  

Then when you finish with your meal, you can walk right back down those stairs and start burning off that pizza and drinks.  Its a win-win!
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Seattle Beer Co.

To be honest I'm not a big beer drinker but I do love nice aesthetics.  That's why a visit to a craft beer tasting room is always fun.  And how cute are those schooners they serve with several or more mini glasses of beer to sample?  My husband and I had a few hours to hang out in downtown Seattle without the kiddos, aka date night, so we checked out Seattle Beer Co. on Western Ave.  I ordered the beer flights which is three six ounce beers for $8  I tried a cider and two light beers in my flight.  My husband, a simple kind of guy, got a can of Rainer Beer.  He didn't choose any of the sixteen craft beers on tap, but at least he drank a can of local beer, right?  To nosh on with our beers, we each ate a small soft pretzel.  It was served with nacho cheese on the side, and we could have kept eating those all night.  The space is two levels with seating and the bar when you walk in, then down the stairs is more seating.  Order your beer and snacks at the bar first, then find your table.  We made the mistake of sitting down first and then having to walk back upstairs for our drinks.  But we probably needed the exercise anyway before we swung back beers and ate pretzels!  

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Visit to WOW Chocolates in Bellevue

To beat the winter blues, I took a little visit to WOW Chocolates in Bellevue.  Probably the most detailed and unique bonbons I've ever seen, each chocolate is hand painted.  The owners source their chocolate from Venezuela and it is also organic.  Want a bonbon in the shape of a pair of lips?  WOW Chocolates makes them.  They also have a heart shaped tequila chocolate and a Cognac Orange bonbon in the shape of an orange slice.  And those are just a few of the flavors to choose from.  The shop, located in downtown Bellevue on Main St, is small but classy and bright.  The bonbons are beautifully and artfully displayed under a glass counter, and its hard to choose which ones to buy because all the flavors sound so good.  Not only that, but each bonbon looks gorgeous, almost to pretty to eat.  The chocolates are small and delicate and so flavorful.  The quality is so high from the Venezuelan chocolate, that you only need a couple to feel so satisfied.  I was given a Mint Chocolate one to sample and I loved the flavors.  I ended up purchasing a Raspberry Cabernet-the lip bonbon, Lime, Caramel, a heart shaped Tequila one, and a Cognac Orange chocolate.  They photographed nicely but I have to say, they tasted amazing, too.  My favorite was the Caramel because the caramel filling was like something out of a dream.  These chocolates don't come cheap, but yes, they are worth it.