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Memories from Christmas 2017

Christmas came and went fast this year, kind of like a hurricane. I thought people were celebrating way too early in November and I refused to do anything Christmassy until at least December 1st. Then before I knew it, it was over. Now we're two days away from New Years and 2018 is right at our doorstep. I hope your Christmas was one for the books. I hope you made so many memories you can't even believe it. Now everyone is making plans for the new year. Resolutions, travel plans, you name it. But let's stay in this moment for a little while. Let's not forget about the special times we just shared with our loved ones and the joy and good fun we were lucky to experience. The days of winter will be long and dark, so I hoped you were able to revel in the light and good cheer that the holidays brought and will bring for New Years Eve.  

Dessert from Cupcake Royale on Capital Hill | Holiday Inspired Cupcakes and a Donut from Rodeo Donuts

After dining on sushi and sipping cocktails at Momiji on Capital Hill, we wanted to pick up some cupcakes at Cupcake Royale to bring home. We were still in the holiday eating mode and we also wanted to pick up some treats as a thank you for our babysitter.
They still had their holiday flavors in stock, so I happily chose a Strawberry Champagne, a Salted Caramel, and a Dance Party cupcake. They were adorably dressed up with holiday inspired decorations.
I was also pleased and excited to see they had Rodeo Donuts, fancy donuts that Cupcake Royale sells in their stores that I've been wanting to try for forever. I finally got my chance and I picked out one covered in cereal with a sweet, white frosting inside. It had a maple icing on top, under the crunchy, sweet cereal. There was many textures to this donut and it was wonderfully delicious.
Cupcake Royale has it all in terms of satisfying the sweet tooth. Our family shared the cupcakes, thoroughly enjoying each bite. I've had…

Happy Hour at Momiji

If you're craving something a little on the lighter side because you've been eating too many Christmas cookies, then sushi is the perfect choice. We tried Momiji on Capital Hill during Happy Hour for our latest night out without the kiddos.
The surrounding restaurants and bars looked pretty empty but when we walked into Momiji, and without a reservation, the small lobby was filling up fast with people waiting. Luckily for us, the wait was only ten minutes and before I knew it we were seated in the dining room. I was happy to see that the happy hour is available throughout the restaurant and not just in the bar area. The space was dark with an upscale and classy feel. The service was fast and accommodating. They have a courtyard behind glass walls in the center of the restaurant that would be great for hanging out at in the warmer months.
For drinks, I started with a Sidecar cocktail and it tasted fresh and citrusy. My husband had the Grilled Garlic Short Ribs and I had the Cr…

Peppermint Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Chocolate and mint together are some of my favorite flavors at Christmas time. One of the cookies that my mom makes are round chocolate cookies with a green mint frosting. To mint things up even more this year, I baked Peppermint Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies. They are chocolate cookies that are topped with a Peppermint Hershey's Kiss. My boys both helped me make the cookie dough. They love to take turns dumping in the ingredients. I can't wait until they're a little older and then they can get in on the fun even more.
After we added the mint extract, the whole kitchen smelled like chocolate and mint. Ahh, that smell means Christmas baking to me. When the cookies were done, we just had to taste test one, or maybe two. Everyone knows that there's nothing like a cookie right out of the oven, and you must have at least two straight away. The chocolate cookie was so soft, yet a little crispy on the outside. It tasted a little like a brownie and the mint was the perfect am…

What to see during the 2017 Holiday Season in Downtown Seattle

Don't miss all of the attractions in downtown Seattle this holiday season. Clear your schedule a little a take a stroll around the city. Downtown is all decked out for Christmas and I found several notable things to check out this year.
Every Christmas season its mostly the same traditional things to see in downtown, but with a variation on a theme. This way, you can head downtown every year and its always a little different. The Christmas Tree, which stands proud in front of Westlake Center, is pretty much the same every year. But the Gingerbread Village and the attractions inside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel change every year and its fun to go see them every Christmas.
Our first stop on our walk to check out everything Christmas was riding the new escalator to Sak's 5th Ave inside Westlake Center for a view of the city and the tree from above. Then we hit up Starbucks for a quick coffee.
This year the Gingerbread Village is located inside the City Centre, so just follow th…