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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars

It's that time of year again when the leaves change colors and everyone and their uncle is eating pumpkin products. I've already had my share of Pumpkin Spice Lattes this fall, so I'm no different than the masses, but I also wanted to bake something with pumpkin to get into the feel of the season. Because everyone knows when you bake that your house smells homey and you get all warm inside. The smell of pumpkin and chocolate baking was very pleasant indeed. I decided to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars and I really liked the end result. They turned out very soft and gooey and reminded me of brownies but with pumpkin. My family loves them and its hard to keep them from eating several at a time. And of course, you know that the pumpkin puree is actually healthy? So its sort of okay that we've almost eaten all of them in a couple of days.  
I found the recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars here, at

Lunch at Seaside Brewing Company

Before we knew it, it was our last full day in Seaside. We decided to enjoy one more sit down meal before we left. We checked out Seaside Brewing Company for lunch. Their huge barrel sign kept catching my eye when we drove past, so I was curious about it.
The space ended up being really open with a staircase going to a second level with an additional dining room. There were also large windows looking out onto the main business area of Seaside. They also offered board games and books if you felt like playing a game at your table while waiting for your food.
We ended up ordering a dinner salad with ranch, the Seagull Nuggets to share, and then my husband ordered the Fish and Chips. The Seagull Nuggets were not seagulls, of course, but chicken nuggets. They were nice and crispy and served with a creamy ranch dressing for dipping. They reminded me, thankfully, of mini chicken strips, instead of the nuggets my sons usual get. My husband also sipped a glass of Pinot Noir to pair with his…

Cannon Beach Bakery

If you're in Cannon Beach hanging out and exploring, and feel like a sweet snack, head to Cannon Beach Bakery. You'll be greeted with a long display case of goodies and it will be hard to make up your mind.
Luckily, I was picking up treats for the family, so I got to choose several items. I chose an apple turnover, a giant M&M cookie, and a maple bar. I also grabbed a Mocha for a little afternoon caffeine fix and to go with my maple bar.
The bakery has a little history, too. They've had four generations of bakers in the family that owns the bakery. The currant owners have been baking for thirty years. Wow, that's some experience! Cannon Beach Bakery is famous for their Haystack Bread. They've been using the same formula to make the bread for fifty years. Each loaf is hand prepared and made the same as it was in 1920.
Along with the classic bakery items like donuts, turnovers, éclairs, muffins, and cookies, they also have authentic Danish pastries. If you…

A Visit to Sea Star Gelato in Seaside

We ate ice cream from the local cheese factory, custard from a walk-up window, and then some gelato on our trip to the Oregon Coast. We had so much ice cream on our trip that when we returned home we bought more at the store and just kept on eating because we were so used to having it. Then finally the other day, I said, no more ice cream for a while. Let's take a break. It was a sad day indeed. So for now, I can just relive my photos from the trip, and write about the ice cream we ate, and that's fun, too.
Opened in 2015, Sea Star Gelato offers over 35 different kinds of gelato and sorbet. Gelato originally came from Florence, Italy, and means ice cream in Italian. But the process in making gelato uses less air then ice cream, so is therefore more dense and smooth. It's churned slower so the texture is silkier. It also has less fat and calories, even though you'd never know it. Gelato has always seemed so much richer and tastier to me than regular ice cream.
At Sea…

Custard and Cafes in Astoria, Oregon

During our trip to Seaside, we headed north to Astoria. A little custard and a visit to a café was in our plans, and after that was some playtime at a local playground.
First, we stopped in at Custard King. Don't expect much for ambiance here as its just a walk-up window with no place to sit and eat. We were a little turned off by that, but I still wanted to try a custard. I ended up ordering a Royale Burger with fries, and a cake cone with chocolate custard and rainbow sprinkles. I took it back to the car and one son took the fries, another took the ice cream, and I ended up with the cheeseburger.
My husband still needed lunch so we drove a few blocks over to Street 14 Café so he could grab a sandwich. On the way we ate our Custard King food and nothing but the appreciative sounds of eating filled the car. My burger was cooked well, a little greasy, but darn good. My son really liked the chocolate custard, and the bites I stole from him were smooth and chocolaty. The three ite…

A Birthday Dinner at Twisted Fish Steakhouse in Seaside

For a nice dinner out during our stay in Seaside and also for my birthday dinner, we dined at Twisted Fish Steakhouse. I liked how their menu was extensive but they also offered a kids menu. Another plus was that instead of a cloth tablecloth, it was paper with color crayons, so the kids could color the whole meal if they wished. I started with a Fuzzy Pear Martini. The cocktail had Wild Roots Pear Vodka, Peach Schnapps, and pineapple juice. It was very crisp and refreshing. The drink tasted strong with a nice, sweet finish. For my entrée, I ate the Kobe Burger. It was 1/2 lb. of Kobe beef with truffle scented Arugula, chevre goat cheese, tomatoes, and black pepper mayonnaise. The burger was huge and the patty was really thick. So it was perfect for leftovers the next day. The Kobe was really tender, juicy, and cooked just right. The goat cheese gave the burger a nice sharp and creamy flavor and the arugula kept the burger from tasty too salty. And the fries alongside were very thin …