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A Mariners Game at Safeco Field

Take me out to the ballgame! It was another first for our sons, a Mariners baseball game at Safeco. And they loved the experience. We went on August 16th and we played against the Baltimore Orioles. There's lots of action at a ballgame. The energy was so fun and everything from the sights and sounds, to watching the game, and all of the ballpark treats, of course!
Our seats were way high up, but that was kind of cool, being above it all. We didn't stay in our seats much, because we enjoyed walking around, buying food, and checking out the kid's areas for the boys. When we arrived, we all got a slice of pizza and then found our seats. It was great fun to eat pizza while watching the game below. The slices were from High Cheese Pizza, and there are six locations inside the stadium. My husband had a Miller Lite with his pizza.
After eating, we left our seats to get an Italian ice from Rita's. There are five Rita's at Safeco, so it wasn't hard to find. We shared…

Lunch at Li'l Woody's in White Center

I never thought there would be a day I'd be eating chocolate covered Cheetos but yet, here we are. It happened and it tasted wonderfully delicious. They were crunchy and chocolaty with a hint of cheese. They were on top of a chocolate milk shake which was just the right amount of thickness. I found this unique shake and more at the new Li'l Woody's in White Center. Besides the crazy Cheetos shake, we also tried some fries covered in Queso and my husband and I shared the Pendleton Burger. The burger had Painted Hills grass-fed beef with onion rings, Tillamook Cheddar, and BBQ sauce. The Queso on the fries was really creamy and there was more than enough sauce for the fries. My son loved them and kept on eating them until he has full. The burger was large in size and full of flavor. I especially like the crispy onion rings. My sons also spilt a kid's plain cheeseburger and they really enjoyed it. Since I follow Li'l Woody's on Instagram, I always see their new f…

A Visit to Glacier National Park

Another place in Montana that I hold dear in my heart is Glacier National Park. There is no place like it. The mountain views are priceless and Going To The Sun Road is the best place to view them. Every since I married my husband a decade ago, I dreamed of the day we'd return again with our kids. We hadn't been to Logan Pass, the area with Going To The Sun Road, since. I was really missing that drive full of scenic viewpoints. So during our visit this time, my parents offered to accompany us since they've lived in the area their whole life and knew it like the back of their hands.
Our first stop was the Hungry Horse Dam. A place I have many memories of as a kid, I remember looking down and feeling a little scared, but not too much since heights never really bothered me. Then we stopped at the Huckleberry Patch in Hungry Horse for fudge and souvenirs. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge ended up being just the perfect thing after our picnic at the top of Logan Pass that ev…

A Ride to the Top of Whitefish Mountain Resort

A favorite spot for me in Montana is Whitefish Mountain Resort. Back when I lived there it was known as Big Mountain and its hard to not call it that today. It is a popular ski resort in the winter and in the summer is known for hiking and biking. Other attractions that have been added since I moved away. I've always loved taking a ride in a chairlift or one of their red and white gondolas, and I thought my boys would love that experience. When I was a kid and even in my 20's when I visited, I would hike up the mountain and ride a chairlift down. This time my family and I took a gondola round trip to take in the experience of riding one. My boys were so excited they could barely contain themselves, as we had been talking about gondolas for months and they were finally going to ride in one. They loved the new experience and us adults enjoyed the mountain views.
When we arrived at the top of the resort, the incredible views from below and across the way of the mountain peaks a…