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Bite of Seattle 2017

There was Fried Mac and Cheese, a liquid nitrogen dessert, and fish-shaped ice cream cones for us to discover this weekend at the Bite of Seattle. The Bite is a food festival that is held ever year at Seattle Center. We've skipped the last few years so I'm so happy we attended this year. The weather was hot and the crowds were really thick, but I was practically shaking with excitement over some of the foods that were there this year.
The one I was looking forward to the most was the fish shaped ice cream. This Japanese dessert called Taiyaki, is super popular and hard to find in Seattle. But Sweet Fish was there selling the coveted dessert. It was worth the hype because the fish-shaped waffle was soft and tasty and the soft served ice cream served on top was just right. We got ours with sprinkles and cookies and I was so excited to finally try it!
One of the best food memories ever was when we tried the liquid nitrogen cereal from Three Twenty Below. There was a list of rul…

A Visit to Lady Yum in Downtown Seattle

The macarons at Lady Yum are amazing. If you love them and you haven't visited a Lady Yum location, then you should. And now you can go to downtown Seattle and get your fix there. She just opened the new shop a couple of weeks ago. Located in the new Amazon Spheres area on 6th Ave, the area seems redefined, modern, and like an urbanites dream. And you'll feel like you're dreaming when you bite into one of the soft, sweet, and little French cookies that Lady Yum has over twenty flavors of. The macarons are lined up like jewels, all in a pretty row. The store is gorgeous with chandeliers and a pretty pink counter. If you feel like some bubbly to go with your sweets, they have a nice selection of wines, Champagne, and Prosecco, sold in individual bottles. Which may be the perfect thing to sip on as you sit at a table by the window and sample your macarons. To celebrate their grand opening, they were handing out free macarons with a buy one get one free coupon. The flavor was…

A visit to the new Pike Place MarketFront

A visit to the new Pike Place MarketFront was a must do for me since I love to photograph buildings. There's always something new and exciting to see in Seattle since it has the most growth of any city in the nation. The cost of the MarketFront project was $74 million and took forty years of planning.  I encourage you to read more by clicking on the link above, and you can find more info about the MarketFront. But if you're thinking about checking it out, see my photos below, and you'll get an idea of what the new area looks like. The view of the Great Wheel caught me eye. And I really liked the Market Charms, an art installation, where Market supporters could purchase a charm with their name or a message. Don't forget to see the fish wall, a colorful blue wall with fish on it, the perfect place for a selfie.

4th of July Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

Tomorrow is the Forth of July and as I sit here writing this, fireworks are lighting up the night sky already. People just can't wait until tomorrow. Well, I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to make a little Fourth of July dessert. Think red, white, and blue, and many choices of recipes awaited. 
My son saw me looking at Pinterest and the recipe for Marshmallow Popcorn Balls caught his eye. He'd been wanting popcorn, and so have I, so that was just the thing to make. He couldn't wait to head to the store to buy the ingredients, so he could help me make them.
It turned out may messier than I thought and the M&M's didn't stick well to the balls, so his "helping" turned out to be more helping me eat them than anything. After a while, we just gave up and put the popcorn, mini marshmallows, and candy into some Ziplocs and called it a day. But I did form a few for some photos, because I didn't want to miss a chance to post them on here with the r…