Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Hour at Ciudad

The neighborhood of Georgetown has quite the food scene these days.  Ciudad is a pretty new addition to the area so I wanted to go during date night with my husband.  After having a drink and a bite to eat at El Sirenito, we headed to the nearby Ciudad for happy hour.  The space consists of the bar in one area that specializes in Rotisserie Chicken and then the restaurant with a bar in another building with an area in the middle with a fire pit.  I don't know if the fire pit is just for looks or if they're actually cooking food out there. 

We chose to eat in the restaurant part because the food menu looked intriguing and the happy hour deals looked decent, too.  I really liked the square dining room with the colorful mural on one side.  The cushioned bench with throw pillows were also a nice touch and it was quite cozy and welcoming. 

I selected the White Wine Sangria for my drink.  I think it was only $5 with the happy hour price and my husband chose the shot and beer special for only $7.  My drink was refreshing and fruity and there was pickled cucumber and orange slices floating on top, creating a unique and tasty element to the drink.

Then we decided to share several small plates.  We started with the hummus and flatbread.  It had fried garbanzo, argan oil, and za'atar spice.  Then we got the chicken wings because my husband loves, loves chicken wings and if they're on a menu he is ordering them.  These wings were a pleasant surprise.  They were delicious with the pomegranate honey, green onion, and peanuts on top.  The sweetness from the honey, the slightly crispy skin, and the crunchiness of the nuts made them incredibly tasty. 

I was already so satisfied from all these great flavors and then the brussels sprouts with crispy carrots arrived.  These were surprisingly sweet and flavorful, too.  They also had honey, a burnt honey, but there was also some heat from the tomato sambal.  My taste buds were doing a little dance and I was happy.  Then to finish out our meal we ordered the Muhallebi dessert.  With rose water custard, crushed pistachios, and topped with brandied sherry syrup, this light dessert was the perfect ending to our flavorful dinner. 

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Drinks and Cerviche at El Sirenito

I didn't think El Sirenito looked like much from the outside with its small non descript exterior.  Located in Georgetown, the funky and artistic neighborhood south of downtown Seattle, is next to the popular Fonda La Catrina and is owned by the same people.  But when I walked through the doors I entered into a long narrow space with a long bar on one side and tables lining the wall on the other side.  Then a large glass door led to an outdoor space that would be nice on a warm sunny day while one sipped a Margarita.  The day we went was sunny and as I sat at a table for two inside with my husband and felt the sun on my face, I felt like I'd been transported to Mexico.  El Sirenito is a tequila bar with seafood inspired dishes.  Yesterday just happened to be National Margarita Day so it was kind of perfect that I chose to get one.  They have a happy hour everyday from four to six and they're only seven bucks.  It was a classic Margarita and it did pack a punch.  Since we were headed to have dinner afterwards, we just wanted a drink and to share one plate.  We decided on the Ceviche which had rockfish, cilantro, lime, onion, radish, Serrano chili, tomato, and jicama.  It was a small serving but every bite was flavorful and like my drink, also packed a punch.  As the tables around us started to fill up I realized that many people have already discovered this little jewel in Georgetown.   

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mandarin Buffet and Grill

Time to hit the buffet!  This time it was a visit to the Mandarin Buffet and Grill in Redmond, WA for a birthday party.  It was my husbands' grandma's birthday and we wanted to do something special and we wanted to be able to accommodate our large group.  They have a party room we were able to reserve for a couple of hours.  The space was just the right size and it seemed a little far from the other tables to give us that separation we needed.  As for the food, the price seemed ok at twenty per person for dinner, in comparison to some other Asian buffets in the Seattle area.  There was a nice selection of sushi, which I probably enjoyed the most out of everything.  Some of the food was a miss though and luckily, the chocolate fountain saved the day and was the highlight for me and my sons.  A chocolate fountain says celebration and how can you not be happy when you're dipping marshmallows and strawberries in chocolate?  The service was just ok, as they didn't offer drink refills and they let our empty plates pile up.  But in the end, everyone was happy and grandma had a really special birthday!
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