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National Croissant Day

Today is National Croissant Day!  So go get your hands on a flakey and buttery, or chocolaty croissant!  To celebrate, I'm not eating croissants but writing about them and showcasing them here.  Saves me some calories and I get to share my photos with you!  A croissant done right has lots and lots of butter and many layers of crisp, bready perfection.  I found some great ones in France and also in Seattle and Portland.  I've noticed in recent years that the quality of pastries has gotten way better here as pastry chefs have opened shops and brought over techniques they learned in Europe.  Which is good news for us but maybe not for our waistlines!

 There you have it!  So many croissants and types, so little time.  Better grab one before the day ends!


For our latest date night, we dined at Renee Erikson's celebrated restaurant, Bateau.  Every little detail was pronounced and unique.  From the large and artsy lighting fixtures, to the change of plate-ware between courses and the dehydrated orange slice in my Sidecar, no detail was forgotten.  Yes, Bateau is special and I haven't even gotten to the food.  It's all about the beef here.  This contemporary steakhouse on Capital Hill features butchered and dry aged beef done in house.  The quality of beef is very high and is from grass-fed cows.  You can select which cut you'd like from the large chalkboard which the servers make changes to through out the evening.  The service is refined, yet friendly, as I find most restaurants in the area to be like. 
We each started off with drinks-an Old Fashioned for my husband and a Sidecar for me.  We got the bread service which was from Sea Wolf Bakery in Fremont and it came with whipped butter that spread like magic and tasted…

National Chocolate Cake Day

There's nothing like a piece of chocolate cake to end a special meal, celebrate a birthday, or share with friends and family.  Today is National Chocolate Cake Day so here are seven photos to celebrate!

A Party at Bar del Corso

My husband's employers held their annual party this year at Bar del Corso in Beacon Hill.  Everyone was allowed to bring a plus one or their family, so we got a sitter for our boys and we were able to have a night away eating and socializing while they played happily at home.  Bar del Corso is a pizzeria, restaurant and bar and is a very popular spot.  We had our party on a night they're normally closed, so we had the whole place to ourselves. 
They had several long tables set up communal style and the lighting was very dim and warm.  The red wine was flowing freely and it paired well with all of dishes.  The food was served family style with two plates set on each table at a time so everyone could try a few bites of each dish.  Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted with Cod Fritters and we were welcome to either get a glass of red wine or a beer at the bar.  After talking to people for a while, we were then seated and our food was brought out in courses for the next…

Che Dessert Lounge

For many variations of che, a Vietnamese dessert, and French macarons flown in from Paris, head over to Che Dessert Lounge on Martin Luther King Way in Seattle.   If you want something hot and savory, they also have noodle soups and dumplings.  I had the Pork Salad Noodle Bowl and my husband had the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup.  My dish had Vermicelli noodles, pork, basil, onions, cucumbers, and was served with a side of fish sauce.  A classic Vietnamese dish, the flavors were bold and tangy, and the pork was tender and a little crispy.  The dish is served chilled and you sprinkle it with the fish sauce. 
For dessert, we tried the flan topped with shaved ice and the macarons.   I had never eaten flan with the shaved ice and I liked the cold element with the creamy and dense flan.  The macarons were really fresh and full of flavor and the salted caramel one was one of the best ever.  My husband also wanted to try a che dessert, so he chose a drink with tofu, red bean, coconut milk, and cl…