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Lunch at Slappy Cakes in Portland

If you're searching for a child friendly and fun breakfast place in Portland, then look no further than Slappy Cakes. Our lunch there was my favorite part of our visit to Portland. This was one of the coolest and fun dining experiences I've had. Each table has its own individual built-in range where you make your own pancakes. On the menu you'll find several flavors of pancake batters. They arrive to the table in bottles you can squeeze onto the range and make your pancakes. There are also add-ins to choose from. From sweet to savory add-ins, there's something for everyone. We chose a buttermilk pancake batter and a peanut butter batter. For our add-ins, we picked bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips. When I saw they had peanut butter batter, I couldn't resist choosing the bananas and chocolate chips. I'm glad I went with that plan, because it was right on the money.
My kids had fun squeezing the batter onto the grill and adding the fruit and chocolate …

Dinner at Fire on the Mountain in Portland

We had one dinner during our overnight visit to Portland. We wanted something casual and kid-friendly since our three year old twins were with us. So Fire On The Mountain looked like just the right spot for us. Established in 2005, this eclectic and cool wing spot was a fun place to eat. My husband loves wings and these days, I'm into them, too.
Like many of the food spots in Portland, there was a line almost out the door. When entering, you wait in line to pay and order at the counter. Then they bring you your food and drinks. We ordered corn dogs and fries for our boys, and my husband and I split some buffalo wings and fries. The large fries turned out to be gigantic and we didn't even come close to finishing them. My husband drank a Rainer Beer and I drank a local hard Cider. We both really liked the chicken wings. They had the perfect amount of heat, and they were crispy on the outside. They were also covered in just the right amount of sauce.
For dessert, I couldn'…

Portland Scenes

During our overnight trip to Portland, we had one nice day and one rainy day. We took advantage of the weather on the first day when we arrived. After grubbing on donuts at Blue Star Donuts, we walked around downtown and checked out the scene. I enjoy looking at the architecture of a city, so I was able to photograph some of the Portland buildings and get a nice feel for the area. I have been there plenty of times over the years, but I hadn't walked those exact streets before. 
After walking around, we headed to the International Test Rose Garden. The Rose Garden in Portland is the oldest rose garden in the country; they opened in 1917. The parking there is a problem, as its very limited and you do have to pay using the meters. The area is so popular because many attractions are located in one area. The Japanese Gardens, the kid's playground, and the Children's Museum is also there.
The rose gardens were breathtaking. I couldn't stop taking photos of all of the flowe…