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Italian desserts for a little bit of la dolce vita- part II

It's Friday and I think we all need a little la dolce vita about now.  There's nothing wrong with having a little bit of sweet to start the weekend.  Back in March I wrote about Italian desserts and decided I just had to create another post featuring more Italian desserts I've tried since.  Of course, there are still more I've yet to try so look for a part III in the future!

A Fun Filled 3rd Birthday: A Cars Cake and A Visit To The Fair

My twins turned three and I wanted to do something fun for their birthday.  Their favorite movie is Cars so we got them a cake, balloons, plates, and t-shirts with the Cars theme.  They liked the cake the most and may or may not have had two pieces.  I think they may have inherited my sweet tooth...then it was time to hit the fair!  The Washington State Fair is held every September and this year was held from September 2nd until the 25th.  I think they enjoyed themselves!  Turning three was a blast for my boys!

Homemade Fresh Strawberry Syrup

When I have a birthday or someone in my family does, I love to make a special breakfast.  Nothing's better than starting your day with some good eats.  My boys just had their third birthday and I wanted to make them French toast, their favorite breakfast food.  To shake things up and make it "birthday breakfast special", I made a strawberry syrup to pour over the French toast.  I found an easy recipe with four ingredients here and then I got to work.  The best part about making the syrup was the scrumptious scent of the strawberries cooking.  Before I knew it, the syrup was done.  Then I bottled it up to use the next morning for our breakfast.   The strawberry syrup was sweet and had the perfect consistency.  It went well with the French toast and as I ate mine, I daydreamed all the ways I could use the syrup.  Poured over pancakes, waffles, strawberry shortcake, get the idea. 
Fresh Strawberry Syrup
3 cups strawberries, diced 1 cup granu…

Date Night at MBar

My husband and I checked out MBar for our latest date night.  They just opened a little over a week ago and it's located in South Lake Union, in the Fairview Building.  The rooftop restaurant and patio on the 14th floor is accessed by an elevator and then a long walk down a hallway with South Lake Union below.  Everything is decorated in art deco with bright blue walls and colorful light installments.  I found the dining room to be electrifying when I entered.  The sweeping views of the Space Needle, Queen Anne, and South Lake Union added to the lure.  Then, a spacious patio with a bar and ample room for seating is right outside. 
Not only is MBar beautiful and eye catching but the main star is the food.  The credit is given to their Chef Jason Stratton.  I watched him on Top Chef and rooted for him because I was excited to see someone from Seattle competing.  He has a real talent in the kitchen and I was excited to try his food.  We were lucky enough to meet him during our meal…