Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Visit to Shug's Soda Fountain and Ice Cream

If you're searching for a new spot to grab some ice cream to beat the heat, Shug's Soda Fountain and Ice Cream just steps away from Pike Place Market will hit the spot.  Not only will it cool you down but it will satisfy. We tried the Dixie Split and let me tell you, that was some caramel sauce.  It wasn't your typical mass produced sauce you might find at 31 flavors.  But a homemade, thick, rich, buttery, you name it, sauce.  And the vanilla ice cream was so high quality that I'm not surprised by the price of the $9 Sundae.  Because, baby, you're worth it.  And I haven't even got to the bruleed bananas and the caramel coated walnuts.  Every bite was worth the calories but you better eat it fast, before it melts.  There was even a cherry on top.  How sweet is that?  

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Drinks at Cafe Flora

I'm finding rhubarb everywhere.  In two days, I discovered rhubarb in my pie at a bakery, in my cocktail, and on my cheesecake at a dinner out.  It's finally in season and every time I eat some it brings me back to my childhood in Montana, picking it fresh from my grandma's garden.  We'd pull it from the earth and then rinse it off in the kitchen, slice it, and then sprinkle a little sugar on top.  Because everyone knows that rhubarb has a bite to it.  It's juicy and sour and the sugar is the perfect partner in crime to this crisp summer treat. 

So when my husband and I had pre-dinner drinks at Café Flora, I was happily surprised to see my Springtime Mule had a pretty rhubarb garnish and rhubarb bitters from Sun Liquor.  The cocktail also had vodka, aperol, lime, and housemade ginger beer.   Café Flora is a vegan restaurant so you can bet they're going to highlight whatever produce is in season and they're going to do it well.  The drink was cool and refreshing and matched the feel of the café with its fresh and bright look.  My husband's cocktail was a Voyager's Punch with dark rum, fernet branca, pineapple, coconut, lime, and broVo lucky falernum.  I have no idea what half those things are but I have to say, the abundant and vibrant garnishes on top were beautiful.  The drink also had a strong mint and rum taste that went down smooth added a unique flavor.  So cheers to summer and cocktails and fresh fruit!

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Friday, June 17, 2016

A Day Trip to Bainbridge Island

 To celebrate our wedding anniversary this year, we took a ferry to Bainbridge Island and spent the day exploring and eating.  Bainbridge Island is only accessible by ferry and the ride is thirty five minutes.  The views are breathtaking.  Seattle gets smaller and smaller as the ferry reaches Bainbridge and Alki Beach winks at us from a distance.  The day was beautiful and blue with white puffy clouds, creating a picturesque look. 

When we arrived on the island our first thought was lunch.  We wanted a nice sit down meal with wine to celebrate so we headed to Doc's Marina Grill.  The restaurant had views of the water and the boats which we enjoyed.  When in Bainbridge, eat with a view, right?  I had a glass of Pinot Nior and my husband sipped a Bloody Mary.  I had the kale salad and the fried calamari and he ate a Prime Rib and Cheddar Melt.  Our children shared a cheeseburger and fries.  Then we were off to check out Bainbridge. 

I loved the feel of the town.  From the water views and buildings, to the small shops and locally owned businesses on every corner.  This was our first time and hopefully not our last visit! We've been to Bainbridge plenty of times over the years but only to get off the ferry and drive to Sequim.  I'm kicking myself for never checking it our before.  What's wrong with me if I've missed this jewel of a place? 

There were plenty of parks for our boys to play and plenty of places to get our sugar fix.  First we headed to Blackbird Bakery where we tried a chocolate chip walnut cookie and a piece of Bluebarb pie-blueberries and rhubarb.   Then some serious time at the park and a walk around to see the marina.  Then it was time to try some Mora Ice Cream.  Since we shared desserts earlier at Blackbird, we shared one scoop of ice cream so everyone could just get a taste and not a tummy ache.  We had the Cheesecake with Raspberry Jam flavor which we all enjoyed, especially the kids who gobbled up most of it. 

Finally, it was time to head back to Seattle.  We didn't have to wait for the ferry even though we arrived five minutes before it arrived.  We felt very lucky and even more lucky that our boys fell asleep and napped all the way home.  We were back to Seattle by four pm but felt like we'd been gone days.  What a relaxing escape to Bainbridge Island and a fun way to celebrate our anniversary!

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Georgetown Carnival 2016

One thing we love about Seattle summers are all of the festivals.   One fun event is the Georgetown Carnival, held every year in June.  The street, Airport Way, is closed to cars so the people attending the event have a large area to walk around and see everything.  There were tents and booths lining both sides of the street with art tables, carnival games, and food.  There was also a couple of large stages with live music and a beer garden.  I attended with my sons and besides walking around and people watching and looking at some of the art, we shared a couple of treats.  We tried a Peanut Butter Chocolate Popsicle from the Six Strawberries truck and a Pineapple Carrot Cupcake with Browned Butter frosting from the Eat Cake table.  The popsicle was non-dairy and the peanut butter part wasn't too sweet.  Then it was coated in dark chocolate.  You can never go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate.  The cupcake was small and expensive, four bucks.  The browned butter frosting was sweet and salty though and paired well with the pineapple and carrot in the cake.