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Folklife Festival 2016

Memorial Day weekend here in Seattle means its time for the Folklife Festival at Seattle Center.  My family and I attended on Saturday afternoon and this year is was super crowded again, but chilly with the rain threatening.  We decided to just walk around for a bit and then all share a couple of desserts.  We shared a mini Cannoli that was tiny and pretty plain tasting but it whet our pallets for some Hawaiian donuts.  Also small, we all shared four Malasadas, Hawaiian donuts with a filling.  We got two raspberry and two Bavarian Cream fillings.  We all got just a couple of bites and the bites we got were incredible.  Warm and fresh donuts, you just can't do wrong.  Plus they were made in front of me so I knew they'd be fresh.  Perfect for a cold, spring day at the festival. 

Fabulous Las Vegas Part II

I thought I was done blogging about our trip to Vegas but I wanted to create just one more post.  I got sad when my seventh post was finished because it felt like the trip was over, too.  Sometimes after a trip, it's just as fun for me to edit the photos and then share them on here.  We got back two weeks ago and I've been working on the photos since then.  I didn't think I'd feel so sad when I finished!  But all good things have to come to an end.  On that note, here's one last Vegas post with some more photos of the gorgeous Sin City! 

Four fun spots to grab a drink on the Vegas Strip

Although we didn't do any gambling in Vegas, my husband and I did enjoy some cocktails. In Vegas, its perfectly legal to purchase a drink and walk down the Strip, sipping it.  At the Halo Bar, inside Planet Hollywood, they have a happy hour from 12-7 pm every day and well drinks are only five bucks.   Its not hard to find small bars around every corner.  You won't have any trouble getting your drink on in Vegas.  Also at Planet Hollywood is Cabo Wabo, owned by the famous rocker Sammy Hager.  We each had a signature cocktail.  I had a Sammy's Toasted Colada and my husband drank a Maui Rocker.  Both drinks were very tasty and well made and it was cool looking around at the guitars and other music memorabilia.   Sugar Factory is a restaurant and a fancy candy store.  I wanted to eat there but it was closed for construction.  But I did pass by a small Sugar Factory store where you can get cocktails and purchase candy and other Sugar Factory merchandise.  The drinks are huge a…

Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood

Along with fast/casual and celebrity chef restaurants in Las Vegas, buffets are also everywhere you turn.  There are some hits and misses but if you do your research you can find a buffet you enjoy with all your favorite foods.  I wanted to hit at least one buffet so I chose Spice Market at Planet Hollywood.  I also had a five dollar off coupon so that helped with the $30 per adult prices for dinner.  Kids under twelve are free and I imagine that helps many families who want to get their grub on.  You can also buy 24 hour buffet passes and visit as many different ones as you want within that time for one price.  Lunch is cheaper so I would recommend eating at a buffet for lunch and then maybe somewhere like Shake Shack for dinner if you want to save some dough.  
Spice Market is one of Vegas's best buffets.  It's a lavish one with many different types of international cuisine.  With food from all over the world, its hard to choose, and since its a buffet you don't have to…