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A Few More Highlights From Seaside

Like usual when I finish my last post from a trip, I'm always sad to be done posting about it.  So I'm doing a bonus post from our trip to Seaside featuring some highlights and things I didn't post about in the previous six posts.  It gives me a little conclusion and wrap-up and you get to see more photos.  It's a win-win.  Enjoy!

Lunch at Camp 18

Thirty minutes or so from Seaside on Sunset Highway is Camp 18.  If you're hungry and have a big appetite then Camp 18 is the place to eat.  The servings are big and don't forget to order one of their giant cinnamon rolls.  Just make sure you bring a few friends to help you eat it!  I got the shredded steak quesadilla which I shared with my sons and my husband had a beef and cheddar melt.  And of course, for dessert we ordered a cinnamon roll.  Even with all of us eating it, there was still leftovers. 
What I really enjoyed about Camp 18 was the rustic and beautiful lodge that the restaurant is housed in.  It was very rustic with bear carvings and framed photos of the logging days in Oregon.  Upstairs was the lounge where you can look down from the loft and see the restaurant below.  The whole place was cozy with a large fireplace, and I enjoyed the whole Oregon feel to the space.  Then outside, there were small pumpkins for the little kids to take home with them.  There was…

Seaside Sweets- 2016 Edition

Fudge, candy, espresso, and pumpkin desserts.  A fall lineup of treats awaited us on our vacation to Seaside, OR.  On our trip this year, there was two new places to check out.  Schwietert's Candy and Cones, in the building where another candy store, The Buzz, used to be, and a new coffee shop-Beach Day Coffee.  We also popped into a candy shop we hadn't visited before, Phillips Candy, also on Broadway.  They are the oldest operating business in Seaside and we were instantly drawn to the lollipop display when we walked in.  They've been open since 1897 so they know how to make candy!  It was fun discovering some new places to satisfy our sweet tooth and seeing a classic candy store that's turned into a Seaside institution.