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Honey Court Seafood Restaurant

Seattle's International District is brimming over with Dim Sum choices.  If you can get lucky and grab a parking spot, the world is your oyster.  I posted last month about my visit to Grand Jumbo for Dim Sum but this time its Honey Court Seafood Restaurant.  I had five different dishes so the photos will be different, don't worry! The exterior and interior of these places are never much to look at, so I focused on capturing the food, which should always be the main thing anyway.  Honey Court is pretty standard Chinese food.  It was all warm, fresh, and a little bit greasy.  I couldn't resist ordering a plate of Sweet and Sour Chicken.  Who doesn't love some of that?  It was another tasty meal out with my family. 

Saba Ethiopian Cuisine

It can be fun to try new cuisines and if you live in a large city, its easy to find anything.  Ethiopian food was something I'd never tried and my husband was really interested in trying it, so I thought, why not? He went online to look for restaurants in the area and he found Saba Ethiopian Cuisine near Chinatown.  We ended up really enjoying it.  I liked it because it was different and most importantly the food was flavorful and well seasoned.  The bread that was served, called injera, was surprisingly tasty and helped to scoop the food with.  You eat with your hands with Ethiopian food, which I thought was also cool.  Since our sons were with us we only got a small amount of spice.  But you can get your food really spicy and they even bring additional jars of spices to the table if you like a lot of heat.  Since the platters looked large, we all shared the Lamb Tibs with the Veggie Combo.  The lamb was stir fried with onions, green peppers, and tomatoes.  I enjoyed all the flav…

Dinner at Cafe Lago

Date Night came around again and this time we took off for the Montlake neighborhood to try Café Lago.  This little spot serves rustic Italian with pasta that is handmade every day.  Good thing we had a reservation because they were booked solid the day before Valentine's Day.  It was a small and  dimly lit space, perfect for couples catching up and enjoying some delicious pasta. 

We wanted an Antipasti so we got the Pomodori al Forno- slow roasted tomatoes and goat cheese served with some crostini.  The tomatoes and goat cheese were the perfect marriage of flavors and spread together on the crostini gave a nice balance.  The bread they served with olive oil was also a nice start.   We also had cocktails, they have a full bar, so we took advantage of that, of course.  I had heard their lasagna was legendary, so I gave it a try.  It practically melted in my mouth, the pasta was so soft.  Their lasagna uses ricotta and béchamel cheese which made it unique.  It was covered in a slig…

Seattle's Lunar New Year Event in Chinatown

From a traditional dragon dance and fireworks, to live music, and a $3 food walk, there was something for everyone at the Chinese new year event in Seattle's Chinatown.  It was this past Saturday from eleven until four and my family went around lunchtime to grab some different bites at various restaurants.  The food categories were Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, International, and Café, Tea, and Bakery.  We couldn't really see the dragon dance at all because of the crowds.  But we could hear the fireworks and go the main idea anyway. 

We walked around until we saw a restaurant we liked with a smallish line.  Most places had very long lines and it was raining.  Our first stop was Pacific Hong Kong Café where I grabbed some pork potstickers and vegetable egg rolls.  We stood outside on the sidewalk and grubbed.  My potstickers were tender and juicy with the perfect amount of greasiness to make me feel like I'm treating myself.  There was something about eating outside, stan…

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls for Valentine's Day

Got a tube of cinnamon rolls in your fridge? Come on, I know you do.  For you and your special Valentine, you can shape them into hearts, bake them as directed on the can, top with the provided frosting, and then add some festive sprinkles on top.  Presto, you got yourselves some heart shaped cinnamon rolls in no time.  I don't take credit for thinking of this.  It was another Pinterest find that I got here.  But like always, the photos in the post are all mine.  Enjoy!

Interested in cinnamon and want to read more about its many health benefits?  Check out this article on cinnamon here from

Lolli and Pops

I felt like a kid in a candy store at Lolli and Pops, the new shop at Westfield Southcenter.  I was walking through the mall last week and just came upon it.  Of course, I had to wander in and check it out.  The salesgirl even took me on a tour.  It's a large space with many different variations of sweets to choose from.  They have a large glass case with chocolates and French Macarons, holiday candy, a whole wall of lollipops, imported chocolates, bins with candy and chocolate, themed candy, candy made locally, and old school candy that's hard to find.  I liked the giant gold gummy bear in the back and the huge lollipops everywhere.  It's an eye-popping place with something for everyone. 

I decided to get a selection of the French Macarons.  I chose six and they came in an adorable pink box.  I got a red velvet one, a birthday cake flavor, cereal flavor, a peanut butter and jelly, a pear and goat cheese, and a s'more Macaron.  They were like little bites of heaven.  …