Friday, July 31, 2015


This week I got to try Lish, a new food delivery company from Seattle's top chefs.  They deliver right to your door and hand you a nice bag filled with goodies.  It felt like my birthday as I looked through my bag of dinner offerings and other treats.  I was giving a code for $20 off to try it out.  So I ordered the Green Curry Chicken Fried Rice from Chef Max Borthwick, the Kashmiri Chicken Kofta Curry from Chef Nasreen Sheikh, a Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie, which they added an extra because they seem cool like that, and a slice of Carrot Cake from Chef Jason Wilson.  Finally, a couple pieces of dark chocolate awaited me.  Wow, high quality food right to my doorstep.  You gotta like that. 

The food arrives chilled, in containers, so you have to heat it up yourself.  That way you can eat when you'd like and your meal will be hot.  We enjoyed the food, it was a little spicy but the menu descriptions on their website warned us it would be.  Every day, Lish offers different entrees and desserts to choose from.  Just add to the cart the ones you want, select the delivery time and enter you credit card number.  That way when the food comes, the delivery fee has already been added and your food payed for.  It makes for a cashless system and they'll hand you your bag and wish you a good day.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Drinks at Voila! Bistrot

For a notable happy hour in Madison Valley check out Voila! Bistrot.  This French restaurant will transport you to Paris.  From the large mirror on one side of the room and the chandelier hanging from the ceiling, to the many wine and liquor bottles prominently displayed, there are many details to take in.  I went for a pre-dinner drink and had a Paris Cocktail, on the happy hour menu for just six bucks.  The bartender makes them strong and I'm sure it wasn't the last one she made that night.  With gin and Du Brouchett, a crème liquor resembling blackberries, it packed a real punch.  I enjoyed sitting at the bar, sipping my cocktail and just being present in the moment. 

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Day Trip to Vashon Island

Just a quick ferry ride on the Fauntleroy ferry in West Seattle takes you to Vashon Island.  In fifteen minutes you'll reach Vashon Island which is only accessible by ferry and has a population of 11,000 people.  Its a very artistic place with a rustic feel and lots of friendly locals.  There are unique galleries, lots of places to dine, shopping and wineries.  The island also has the most beachfront property of anyway in King County and the water views are everywhere.  The view of Mt. Rainer doesn't hurt either and we even visited a Lighthouse, Point Robinson, where the mountain was visible.  The Strawberry Festival was going on the same day we visited, so there were some road detours when we first got on the island.  First we ate lunch then we walked around the festival.  The summer day was very hot so we didn't walk around long.  It was set up on their main downtown strip and was like a long farmers market.  Then we went to Point Robinson Lighthouse and enjoyed the views.  Finally, we hopped back on the ferry and headed back to Seattle. 
A Strawberry Cheesecake on display at Café Luna.

A glass of Moscato wine to go with my lunch at Café Luna.

Locals and visitors hanging out at the Strawberry Festival. 

The keepers quarters at Point Robinson, with a scenic water view and a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainer. 

Point Robinson Lighthouse.

Getting on the ferry for our quick ride back to Seattle.

We're almost back.  Fauntleroy dock is to the left and Mt. Rainer to the right.

Passengers on the ferry checking out the beach views of Fauntleroy dock in Seattle.

Beachfront property in Fauntleroy greets us as our ferry gets closer.

We've arrived back to Seattle, now its time to disembark and drive home.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Downtown Seattle's Mod Pizza

You'll find super fast pizza really done right at Mod Pizza.  It was cheap, fast and really decent pizza that I'm still thinking about the next day.  The format is like fast food where you order at the counter but they make your pizza in a wood fired oven and its really thin so it bakes fast.  I love thin crust because I want my toppings to stand out and not be hidden by too much bread.  I meant to order the Mad Dog but ended up with something with mushrooms.  They made me a new pizza right away at no charge.  Mine had pepperoni, sausage and meatballs.  When they were plating my husband's pizza, a little fell off the plate so they also made him another pizza.  Lucky guy, he ended up with two BBQ Chicken pizzas, which is called the Caspian.  He devoured both of them with a Manny's beer which is on top.  The sad part about our meal was my red wine.  There was only two ounces in the cup.  I don't know what's going on there and I hope it was a mistake.  Talk about a tease.  There were about three sips of wine and I hope that's not their standard pour.  But besides that, I loved the pizza and the costumer service!

My husband's cup of beer and the small amount of wine I was served. 

We also shared a Simple Salad-asiago cheese, red peppers and lettuce. 

My Mad Dog Pizza.

A boy after my own heart.  My son, reaching for a pepperoni slice.  He shares my love of food and enjoys eating and trying new foods.

My husband's Caspian Pizza- BBQ Chicken Pizza. 

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Montana Moments

Our trip back to visit family in Montana had many special times and the beautiful scenery certainly helped.  We all joined together one night in Glacier National Park.  We had a potluck in Apgar which is right on Lake McDonald.  Nobody ever tires of that view.  Another day my family and I headed to Whitefish, about seven miles from Columbia Falls, and visited Whitefish City Beach.  I love the view from there of Whitefish Mountain Resort and Whitefish Lake.  We had coffee at Montana Coffee Traders on Central Ave and I had to snap a shot of the cute building in downtown Whitefish.  The sunsets at my parents home were also nice and I was able to capture my aunt and uncle's trailer, who were also visiting, with the sunset and the moon.  It was memorable moments in a beautiful state. 

Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.
Sunsets, the moon and camping, an essential part of summer. 
My parents backyard which was great for campfires and roating marshmallows for s'mores.  There's a reason the area is called Big Sky.  When the sky's clear, the stars area really something. 
Whitefish City Beach. 

Downtown Whitefish, Montana.

Three Forks Grille

While on our vacation in Montana my husband and I were able to leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and have a date night.  Hooray for us! The first restaurant we drove to and were looking forward to eating at, had moved to another town.  We were hungry and didn't feel like finding the place so we drove around Columbia Falls for a minute and just stumbled on Three Forks Grille on Nucleus Ave.  They've been there five years and I can't believe we've never noticed it.  It was the perfect place for our dinner out and we were very happy with the food, ambiance and the service. 

We each started with a drink.  He had a glass of Cabernet and I had a sparkling white from Spain.  Then it was time for food.  The bread and olive oil to start was a nice touch.  After listening to the special of the night, we ordered that.  It was a Duck Confit salad on bib lettuce and a chicken curry with rice.  My husband loved the salad and wouldn't stop oohing and ahhing over it.  It was really good and the duck was very tender.  We also shared the Watermelon Gazpacho which I couldn't stop complimenting either.  Finally I had the Antipasto which was Manchego cheese, Chorizo, Piquillo, Prosciutto San Danielle, Melon, House Made Ricotta and Caponata.  It was quite a collection of flavors and supposed to be shareable but my husband was working on the chicken.  We were soon full and didn't have room for dessert.  It was a nice and enjoyable dinner out, alone with my main man.