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Just Desserts: Summer Trip Edition

Nothing is sweeter than sharing and eating dessert with the ones you love.  And on vacation together? Even better.  This June my husband, my sons and I drove to Pullman, WA and Montana to visit family.  We stopped in Pullman to stay the night with my dear cousin and her family and then drove the rest of the way to Columbia Falls, MT the next day.  Trust me.  A nine hour drive with two little ones under the age of two?  No thanks.  We broke it up into two days of driving and we are a little saner because of it.  But back to dessert.  The trip was stressful at times and dessert made it better.  Just saying. 

The Georgetown Carnival

Summertime's in full effect here in Seattle and the weather's warm.  Every June, Georgetown holds its annual carnival.  They close the street and have multiple stages with live music, food trucks, street performers and much, much more.  I wanted a treat and a cold treat, at that.  The sun was beating down on me and I was parched.  Luckily in the distance I spotted ice cream.  And not just any old ice cream.  Vegan ice cream served from a VW Bus.  How unique and how original, let's get in line.  No, I didn't turn vegan but I wanted to try something new.  I got a cup of key lime pie and it didn't taste vegan at all.  I don't know what they put in it, but it tasted like dairy ice cream and soon it was gone.  It was fun to people watch and hear live music.  There was even a dunk tank and musicians to keep us all entertained. 

Dinner at Brass Tacks and A Night At The Roxbury

It was another fun and memorable night out with the hubby.  Dinner at Brass Tacks and then some bowling at Roxbury Lanes.  Brass Tacks has an awesome happy hour so we each started off with a $5 Old Fashioned.  For food we ordered the Jerk Chicken and the poutine from the dinner menu but we also got the candied bacon and artichoke and arugula salad from the happy hour menu.  I liked the feel of the place and hope to eat there again.  The food was decent and my favorite dish was the poutine because I have a thing for cheese curds.  The salad was a little plain and light on the vinaigrette but balanced out the bacon and poutine well.  They also have live music on certain nights which we would have stayed for, but Roxbury Lanes was waiting.  There's something about bowling that brings out my competitive spirit.  Its very rare for me to get a strike or spare but what a good feeling when I do.  They had cosmic bowling which I've never done.  I liked the special lighting and wished …