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Lunch at Zippy's in Georgetown

Sometimes you just want a cheeseburger for lunch.  So it was the perfect time to head to the new Zippy's Giant Burgers in Georgetown.  They have another location in White Center and people love their burgers so they opened another one.  The burgers are fresh and their beef chuck is ground everyday.  We could tell the patties were high quality as the texture and flavor was spot on.  My husband and I shared the No. 11 which had the perfect amount of heat due to the peppers.  It had Mama's Lil' Kick Butt Peppers, smoky chipotle mayo, lettuce, Monterey jack and smoked cheddar cheese and we were kicking ourselves that we didn't get our own.  We also got a Zip Burger for our boys to share which had Zippy's secret sauce, tomato, pickles, red onion, lettuce and cheese.  We liked their secret sauce which resembles Thousand Island and is mayo based.  We shared a basket of fries which we also really liked.  We are fry fiends and these hit the mark.  Their d├ęcor is nice with b…

Northwest Folklife Festival 2015

Happy Memorial Day weekend! There's tons of activities to keep us busy and entertained this weekend and the Northwest Folklife Festival is one way.  Held every year for over forty years, this event is held at Seattle Center.  I go most years if I'm in town and I decided to check it out yesterday.  Its focus is music and art with countless performers either on stage or along the walkways.  I really felt the energy of the crowd and enjoyed doing some people watching.  Folklife just reminds me how progressive Seattle is and how many types of people live here.  The crowds were thick though and the lines for food were long.  But another neat thing about the event is how many variations of food you can get.  It's your typical fair food with Elephant Ears, corn dogs, burgers, ice cream and just about anything else to give you a stomach ache.  Before we left we shared an Elephant Ear is ice cream and it was worth every calorie!  For more info on the event, click here

Beth Turns Two!

The special milestones are the ones we remember the most and turning two is very special, indeed.  The birthday girl may not remember, but all her friends and family surrounding her as she blew out the candle on her cake, will. 

This past Saturday I took some photos at Beth's second birthday party.  It was held at her home and she had fun running around her backyard with her cousins, eating hot dogs, opening gifts and having birthday cake.  Her great grandma bought her a kiddie cell phone, a quite nice one in fact, and she had a blast playing with it the remainder of the party.

I love capturing special moments and now her family will have these pictures to treasure.  Because I'm sure Beth will grow up fast and isn't it fun looking back at these times when they're small?

Memorable Museum Interiors

There's nothing like that awe moment when you first enter a museum.  Before anything is viewed and pondered over and admired and criticized, you see and feel the powerful room which houses all that great art.  The inside, the interior rooms and the structure of the museums, is also art.

From the grand and sweeping interiors of the Louvre and the intimate Rodin Museum in Paris, these places are every bit as memorable as the art.  The Bible Museum in Amsterdam has a blue sweeping staircase that's not only picturesque but adds an eclectic note to the place that's worth checking out.  In New York, its MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art.   Spacious and contemporary, each floor has white walls and long windows showing each level, that makes it stand out.  Also home to NYC is the American Museum of Natural History.  Who doesn't love the dinosaur in the lobby, looming toward the high ceiling and making it the centerpiece of the lobby?

The saddest thing for me is when all photogra…

Rione XIII

Rome is on my bucket list just like a lot of people I suppose.  So when I discovered a notable Trattoria with traditional Roman dishes, I had to check it out.   I'm talking about Ethan Stowell's Rionne XIII in Capital Hill.  He named it after his favorite district in Rome, Trastevere, in the 13th district.  I'd had my eye on it for a while but was looking for a special occasion to go.  So this Mother's Day my husband and I took a chance and decided to go with our twin boys.  They do have highchairs and are family friendly but its still a nice place and my boys are loud and vocal.  We did draw some attention but we loved the food. 

I enjoy Italian, in fact its my favorite.  Hello, pizza!  Their pizza was incredible, very tasty and notable.  We shared one with roasted mushrooms and the four of us savored every bite.  But first we ate the Burrata and oh my, how can one go wrong with creamy mozzarella?  It also arrived with bread and a delicious, sweet red sauce which enh…

Huckleberry Croissant Puff

This year for Mother's Day I wanted to start the day off right with some brunch.  So instead of going out to eat,  I wanted to make things simple and faster. Our little boys have a way of making me think this way, by making brunch at home.  I ended up making Huckleberry Croissant Puff, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs with shredded white cheddar and last by not least, mimosas.  Because how can you go wrong with a little champagne and orange juice?  The Huckleberry Croissant Puff I baked the day before so it would be ready and just need some reheating.  Eggs are always quick and the sausage just took a few minutes to cook on the stovetop.  Before I knew it, we were all eating brunch and we had the rest of the day to look forward to. 

I found the recipe for the croissant puff here, at The Girl Who Ate Everything blog.  Her recipe uses blueberries which I substituted for huckleberries.  I loved how tart and creamy it turned out.  We reheated ours but it tasted better cold later and re…

A Visit to the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park

This month I decided to check out another museum for the free first Thursday event in Seattle.  I'd never visited the Seattle Asian Art Museum so I decided it was the perfect time to go.  It's located in Volunteer Park near Capital Hill.  A spacious and lush park with many attractions, the art deco building that houses the museum is a gem that should not be missed.  Collections from China, Japan, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, and the Himalayas can be seen along with special exhibitions. 

Being showcased during my visit was work by the artist Chiho Aoshima. She used imagery she created from computer graphics to make futuristic scenes with creatures.  There were many paintings with buildings and fairy-like faces featured.  She even created an animated 3D Soundscape which was also on display.  It was large, spanning the whole wall, and loud and vibrant.

I loved the bright airy rooms and the general feel of the museum.  My favorite part was the room overlooking the park, giving i…