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Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium- Fall 2015

Yesterday my family and I checked out Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma.  We visited with my cousin and his family.  They also have a two year old, so it was fun to watch the little kids get so excited to see the animals.  They loved the monkeys, the penguins, and the walruses the most.  The aquarium was also great, with a Jellyfish display that was colorful and eye catching.   It was neat to see the fall colors and the Halloween displays, too.  They had a Nightmare Before Christmas theme throughout the zoo.  The foxes, tigers, and leopards were also fun to see.  But only one polar bear was hanging out, instead of several swimming around.  We seem to always miss them.  The weather was rainy and wet and my feet got soaked.  Who wears mesh tennis shoes in the rain?  Our boys wore adorable ponchos, bought in the gift shop, and every five minutes the rain would stop and then change again several minutes later.  We kept taking the ponchos on and off, silly us.  The boys stayed dry …

A Visit to Sun Liquor Distillery and Capital Cider

This month's date night led my husband and I to Capital Hill for a drink at Sun Liquor Distillery and  dinner at Capital Cider, a couple of blocks away.  I was intrigued by Sun Liquor because I'd never visited a distillery before.  All the liquor is made onsite and their craft cocktails were delicious and high quality.  We shared a plate of fries to go with our drinks.  I had a Rhubarb Bee's Knees which had Hedge Trimmer Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, Honey Syrup and Sun Rhubarb Bitters.  It was perfect for me because I love my cocktails served straight up with some sweetness and a little tartness.  My husband's drink was called a Three Dots and a Dash and it had Sun Rum Barrel Aged, Demerara Rum, Falernum, Allspice Dram, Fresh Orange, and Lime Juices.  He loved his drink and wanted to share another one with me but the night was still young and we had another spot to hit up. 

We were hungry for dinner and had to think for a minute where to go.  We were in Capital Hill, surro…

Frelard Pizza Company

Since I'm a fan of Ethan Stowell restaurants, I was intrigued by his newish pizza place in Frelard, located between Fremont and Ballard.  He already has the Ballard Pizza Company, so Frelard Pizza Co. is the second one.  While the pizza at one of his other restaurants, Rionne XIII, is authentic and artisan, this pizza was thin crust and New York style.  We got slices and we probably should have ordered a fresh pie, but we were hungry and we had to eat, like, now.  My pepperoni slice was a little too crispy and greasy.  I guess I'm getting spoiled by some of the other pizza I've had recently.  The draw about this place is that its super kid friendly and has a kid play area.  The parents can sit around the area and eat, while keeping an eye on their offspring.  The fireplace outside was a nice touch, with tables all around, creating a relaxing ambiance.  There is a decent local and imported beer and wine to sip with your pizza.  I had a glass of hard cider and my husband had…

Cannon Beach and Seaside Sweets- 2015 Edition

Don't forget about dessert! I certainly didn't on our trip to Oregon, and probably overdid it.  Here are several places in Cannon Beach and Seaside we visited and treated ourselves at.