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Seattle Sweet Week | A visit to Hot Cakes Chocolate Molten Cakery

For the first time ever Seattle's holding an event called Sweet Week.  Sound good? It did to me and I went to Hot Cakes in Ballard to try one of the special desserts.  Sweet Week is from September 25th-28th and various chocolate shops, ice cream places, candy shops, cupcakeries and more are participating. They're creating and offering unique desserts for the event and they're all $5.  So if you want you can hit up a few places and get a major sugar rush. 

At Hot Cakes I had the Oh My Honey Sundae.  It had salted honey caramel ice cream, honey crunch, honey cream and honey candied smoked almonds covered in salty milk chocolate.  My husband joined me so we also got to try the Dark Decadence- one of the molten chocolate cakes that comes with ice cream and topped with toffee bits.  The molten chocolate has Theo chocolate and is so sinfully rich and sweet.  For my caffeine fix for the afternoon I drank a caramel latte and my husband who has a passion for an Old Fashioned, sipp…

A Beary Cute First Birthday

My twins just turned one! It seems hard to believe I have not one but two adorable little boys.  The time doesn't go quite as fast as people say.  The last year feels like five because lets face it-twins are a lot of work and the days are filled with caring for them.  Celebrating their first birthday was a milestone for us because we survived it.  Everyone with twins tells me the first year is the hardest.  So here's hoping its downhill from here!

We had two parties for the boys, one with twenty and a smaller party with eight guests.  I used a teddy bear theme with a teddy bear cupcake cake for the larger party.  For the small party we had a torte for eight people with white chocolate ganache and a teddy bear on top.  Good thing I love cake so much because we had a lot!  I used the number '1' to decorate with my balloons, party hats, tablecloth and a banner.  I filled small mason jars with Teddy Grahams and Gummy Bears.  I also presented my sons with their own teddy be…

A Senior Portrait Session at Steel Lake Park

Here are some of my favorite shots from a senior session with Steven at Steel Lake Park. Whew, a lot of "S's"! Anyway, we lucked out with the weather and it didn't rain.  So I breathed a huge sigh of relief and started shooting.  The lake was nice with homes around it and a park.  Which meant lots of trees and nice backdrops for us.  The session took an hour and as usual I had a blast.  The time flew and I got some nice portraits of Steven.  His favorite color is yellow so when we spotted the yellow bench I just had to have him pose on it.  We concluded the shoot with a Jordan jump in the air.  Cause sometimes you just gotta jump. 

Yuan Spa

Yuan Spa is located in Bellevue, in the 425, and offers hydrotherapy pools.  There aren't many places with soaking pools and saunas in the area and this one is co-ed making it a nice date night.  They have a cool soaking tub and a warm one.  Yuan also has a steam room and a sauna.  They're a full service spa but my husband and I wanted to go relax in the hydrotherapy pools and the sauna.  And relax we did.  We enjoyed soaking in the warm pool, which is kept at 104 degrees and has jets which felt great on our backs and shoulders, to the cold pool.  Then when we felt chilled, we sat in the sauna.  We checked out the steam room but it was way too hot for us.  It was a pretty sweet room though with twilight lights and sleek looking benches.  They have a salt rub which is two hundred years old you can put on your skin and the steam softens it.  There's even a relaxation room with tea, coffee and snacks.  The spa was really nice and the service very professional.  We hung out fo…

The Washington State Fair

I can't think of a sweeter way to end the summer then by attending the fair.  The Washington State Fair, which used to be called the Puyallup Fair, is our local fair here in the Seattle area.  It runs from September 5th to the 21st and is the state's largest fair.My family and I went this year to check it out.  We ate Elephant Ears and Mexican food. We saw cows, pigs, dogs and even camels.  We walked around a lot and I took pictures.