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Lemondrops and Cosmos

Alright, my 200th post! Its taken a few years to reach that many posts but here I am.  I'm celebrating the milestone by posting about two of my favorite drinks, Lemondrops and Cosmos.  They're two classic cocktails with Vodka that are sweet and refreshing and perfect for sipping in the summer.    Whether you want a nice drink to pair with dinner or just to unwind at the end of the day, do yourself a favor and skip the mixes.  You can play bartender by making your cocktails from scratch and they will be delicious. 

1 1/2 shots Vodka
1/2 shot Triple Sec
1 Lemon
3-4 t. sugar, to taste
1/2 oz. water
ice cubes

Squeeze lemon into shaker.  Muddle.  Add ice cubes.  Add the remaining ingredients and shake well.  Strain into a chilled sugar rimmed martini glass. 
Makes one Lemondrop. 

1 1/2 shots Vodka
1/2 shot Triple Sec
1 1/2 shots cranberry juice
1/4 lime
ice cubes

Muddle lime and fill a shaker with ice cubes.  Add Vodka, Triple Sec and cranberry juice.  Shak…

Bastille Day 2014

I attended the Bastille Day celebration again this year in Madison Valley.  I had a good time except for the hot weather.  Its been awhile since I've sweat that much just standing in one place.  Plus the way that the festival's set up is like a scavenger hunt so I felt like I had to work for my food.  They give you a map of the participating restaurants with numbers.  Then after reading the food descriptions you can walk around the neighborhood and wait in line for the small bites.  By the time I got the food, ate it and walked to the next spot I probably burned it off! We tried some yummy things this year- crumpets with brie and local Rainer cherries from Queen Bee Cafe, paella from the Harvest Vine, pizza with caramelized onions from Pagliacci Pizza and a hazelnut almond truffle from Ascona.

D'Ambrosio Gelato and the Bellevue Family Fourth

My family and I had a fun and memorable Fourth of July.  It was our first fourth with our twin boys and I think they are firework fans.  We were out and about for most of the day but we made sure to be home when it got dark so we could get the boys into bed.  Every year we forget about all the local fireworks that go off all around us.  In the distance we see nothing but fireworks and the neighbors light them off nearby.  It makes for quite a show for us and we don't even have to fight traffic to get home.  The twins loved looking out the window at all the fireworks.  They even went to bed with all the noise of them still going off.  They are rock-stars. 

We enjoy the event that takes place in Bellevue, the Bellevue Family Fourth.  So we took off to the Eastside and first did some shopping at Bellevue Square.  Then I had to get me some Gelato at D'Ambrosio.  They had some Cannoli's that looked good but I had my heart set on trying the gelato.  I got the Tiramisu which I l…

A 45th Wedding Anniversary Party at the Stables

I recently shot photos at a 1969 themed Wedding Anniversary celebration.  The venue was in Georgetown at the Stables.  I know, seems like I've been hanging out in Georgetown a lot lately being as my last few post have been from businesses there.  The party was a blast and I loved all the decorations and what I especially loved was the first thing I spotted when I walked in-cupcakes!

They had a cake along with the cupcakes that was very cute since the husband likes to fish and the wife enjoys reading.  Their kids did a wonderful job planning and organizing the event and I could tell that a lot of thought and detail went into it.  They served dinner buffet style with spaghetti, bread, and salads and they also had a bar with beer and wine.  I really liked all of the exposed brick and interesting art on the walls.  The Stables was the perfect spot for this joyous anniversary party!