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My Baby Shower

I'm pregnant with twin boys and due in October! They're fraternal and they're going to be adorable.  My husband and I were in shock for the first few weeks after our first ultrasound.  But we're so excited about our double blessing and we can't wait to meet them, hold them and never let them go.  My pregnancy has been pretty smooth so far with mild symptoms.  Although acid reflux is not my friend, thank goodness for tums.  There's tons of discomforts that come with a twin pregnancy but I just keep reminding myself its not forever and in the end I get two precious babies. 

Yesterday my friends threw me a baby shower.  Lots of my friends came to celebrate with me.  We ate, played games, ate cake and then I opened presents.  They had a diaper raffle so everyone arrived with a box of diapers.  That will help me a lot since I'm hearing that twins go through six hundred diapers a day.  That's so many!  I'm going to be a diaper changing machine for awhile…

Dinner at the Harvest Vine

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining at the Harvest Vine in Madison Park.  It's a small, jewel of a place tucked into the leafy green Seattle neighborhood.  They serve Basque style tapas and even though I've never been to Spain the ambiance and the food take me there-which happens to be way cheaper than a plane ticket.  The restaurant has two levels and I love the quaint and narrow staircase leading downstairs to a more intimate dining room with a nice wine cellar along the wall.  I absolutely love the flavors of the dishes.  They use a lot of garlic and fresh produce which really enhances the food.  We sat upstairs and the late August sun was to my back, which in Seattle is something of a pleasurable thing. It's an open concept kitchen so you can see the chefs in action, preparing each dish.  If you desire you can sit at the counter for a closer look. 

                                       My husband started off with a glass of red wine. 

        Everyone is presented …