Friday, September 28, 2012

Pike Place Market

I've taken tons of photos at Pike Place over the years and its one of my favorite places in Seattle.  I always look like a tourist with my camera but really, there are way worse things in life than looking like a tourist. 

                             This was the view of Post Alley after leaving Cafe Campagne

The iconic sign I'm sure millions of people have also taken pictures of.  But its so cool looking!

Another new view of the Seattle Great Wheel, this time from Pike Place Market looking towards Elliott Bay. 

Le Panier

After having a bite to eat and a glass of wine at Cafe Campagne we walked around Pike Place Market just enjoying the sunshine and people watching.  My husband wanted a cup of coffee and he had never been to Le Panier, a french bakery, so we stopped in.  I couldn't resist shooting some photos of the delicious looking french pastries, tarts and macarons.  He ordered a shot of espresso and a pain au raisin and I got a raspberry macaron. 

His pain au raisin was so flaky and perfect. 

A raspberry french macaron.  Wow, the macarons at Le Panier were so light and perfect, kind of like a cloud.  Yes, I will be back for more macarons!

Le Panier is located at 1902 Pike Place in Seattle.  Their website is Le Panier on Urbanspoon

Happy Hour at Cafe Campagne

Tonight my husband and I dined outside on the patio at Cafe Campagne in Pike Place Market.  It's still September and that often means Indian summer so why not take advantage of this beautiful weather and eat outside.  This was our first time to Cafe Campagne, a french cafe located in Post Alley. 

The text below is taken off their website:

The Heart of France in the Heart of Seattle

Since 1994, Café Campagne has built a regional and national reputation as Seattle’s foremost classic French restaurant. Located just along the historic Post Alley of the Pike Place Market we offer a dining experience that is familiar in its service of authentic culinary preparations. Our service of traditional foods and ambiance conjure up relaxing memories of Continental dining in all-day Brasserie style setting. Whether you have a full lunch or dinner, week-end brunch or opt for a quick service mid-afternoon coffee, we address equally the needs of leisure, business and special occasion clientele.
Our authentic expressions of regional French cooking feature food and beverage parings, while reflecting a respect for local products and personal comforts from highly professionalized service ethics.
In contrast with the more playful and urbane French fare offered upstairs at Marché Bistro and Wine Bar, opened in October 2011 in the former Campagne Restaurant site, Café Campagne promises to ensure the satisfaction of diners with varying levels of familiarity with French foods. Come share in our ongoing commitment to living the pleasures of a well-crafted life!

2011 & 2010 – Voted Best French by Evening Magazine

The voters have spoken and the results are in. The KING5 Best of Western Washington features more than 20,813 businesses competing for title of Western Washington’s best.

After reading their website, I thought why not?  We did the happy hour and loved it.  The wine is only about three bucks and I had heard the lamb sliders for two bucks are the hit. 

I got a glass of Bordeaux and my husband got a glass of Cote de Rhone.  We people watched and sipped out wine and waited for our fromage (cheese) to arrive. 

Before we knew it, we were munching on our cheese with a baguette and house-made fruit confiture(jam).

 Off the Happy Hour Menu we also selected the Pomme Frites to share and then we each ordered two Petit Burger D'agneau's, mini lamb burgers. 

The lamb burgers were delicious because of the rosemary seasoning which gave the burgers a kick of flavor. 

Cafe Campagne is located at 1600 Post Alley in Seattle.
For more about Cafe Campagne go to Cafe Campagne on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Hour at Poppy

This was one of those meals where you lay in bed awake at night thinking about what you ate.  Poppy was a culinary experience I won't be soon forgetting.  My husband and I sat in the bar and ordered a little off the happy hour menu, the dinner menu and last but definitely not least, the dessert menu, the dessert thali for two.  We tasted so many different flavors, spices and textures, it was like a dance of tastes as we experienced all the small plates.  One of the unique aspects about Poppy is that the owner has his own garden behind the restaurant and grows herbs and spices for his dishes. 

Below is taken from Poppy's website and tells you a little about the restaurant:

 jerry traunfeld’s capitol hill restaurant brings a new style of dining to the northwest. jerry’s inspiration comes from the “thali,” a platter served to each guest holding a variety of small dishes. poppy’s menu borrows the idea of the thali to present jerry’s own style of northwest cooking, highlighting seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs, and spices. it’s a modern northwest tasting menu served all at once.

We started with drinks.  We each ordered a Turkish Delight cocktail which has vodka, curacao, maraschino, lemon and pomegranate.  Then we split the Spiced Fig, Blue Cheese and Sage Tart.  The pastry on the tart was really something, super flaky, plus we both loved the way the cheese tasted with the fig and then of course, the sage right from the back garden.  The eggplant fries with honey and sea salt arrived after that.  Wow, what a flavor combination.  The honey was perfectly glazed over the eggplant and blended so good with the salt.  The texture of the eggplant melted in my mouth.   Next we tasted the Happy Hour thali, four plates of goodness.  There was a mussel, an oyster, curry avocado spread, naan, and tuna.  Then we shared a glass of the house red wine, a Tempranillo wine from Spain.  Then it was time for dessert.  We shared the thali for two and we both agreed that it was the best dessert experience we've ever while dining out.  There was six desserts on a circular tray presented to us with apricot frozen yogurt and a gingersnap cookie served in a martini glass.  Then five other small bites of sweetness rotated around the martini glass.  The dessert thali comes with four things but then you can choose your other two.  My husband's favorite one was the Chocolate Torte with Apricot and mine was the Nutter Butter.  The cocoa nibs had a kick to it, I'm thinking cumin.  Just delicious.  After eating, we walked around the large garden and patio area in the back.  We found the herbs that were in our dishes and thought how unique and special this experience was. 



                     For Poppy's menu and location, go to http://www.poppyseattle.comPoppy on Urbanspoon

Monday, September 24, 2012

Avalanche Bars

This weekend I went over to my sister-in law's house and made Avalanche Bars with my niece.  What are those, you're wondering.  They're rice crispy treats with peanut butter, white chocolate chips, chocolate chips and marshmallows.  They're dangerous stuff.  I couldn't stay away from them when they were finished and I wanted to eat the whole pan.  I loved the flavors of the peanut butter with everything else plus they are pretty sweet.  Like I always say, if you're gonna indulge and have dessert, it better be good!  These were simple to make and also no bake.  I found the recipe from   I didn't make any adjustments to the recipe except for letting the bars set for up to a couple of hours.  We didn't let them set long enough and they were very crumbly, not like bars at all. 

You can find the recipe for Avalanche Bars here

Kadin's Party

This Saturday I photographed my friend's baby party for her son Kadin, who was born in July.  It was the perfect opportunity for her to introduce Kadin to their friends and family.  The party was at Renton Seafood Restaurant and they served a Chinese Buffet and yes, there was cake!

Kadin, about twelve weeks old.  He's just a doll, I loved his necklace and the teddy bear on his shirt.  So cute!
Time for some shut eye.  All these people staring at me and wanting to hold me makes me sleepy!
So small, so cute, so precious, oh my!

Sweet and Sour Pork, Egg Rolls, Fried Rice and Chow Mien Noodles.  Some good stuff. 
I loved Kadin's cake with the baby and teddy bear on top.  It doesn't get any cuter than this folks!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fun Times at the Fair

As a child I loved the fair.  I would wait all summer long for the fair.  Like literally wish my summer away and count off the days on the calender.  I couldn't wait for the rides.  I loved those few minutes of true fun on each ride.  When I think of the word fair, I think fun.  I still love the fair as an adult.  I love the sights-people of all ages having as good time, the sounds-the screams of people on the rides, the smells-popcorn, cotton candy (maybe not the smell of farm animals) and the enjoying all the food, in my case-the beer garden, elephant ears, ice cream and fried candy bars.  The fair is always the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer while we transition into fall.  I didn't make it this year to the fair so I thought I'd post photos from the last few years. 

In 2007 I attended the Northwest Montana Fair in Kalispell.  This was the fair I grew up going to.  That summer was a particularly bad fire season and the sky was a crazy pink and red color in the evenings.  I was able to photograph the fair with the wild sky. 

Living in Seattle, our local fair is the Puyallup Fair and its held every September.  My husband and I started attending together in 2005 and have gone several times over the years.

The fair photographed at night, with the moon. 

These were taken in 2005 at the Puyallup Fair, our first time experiencing the fair together. 

In 2010 we discovered the beer garden at the Puyallup.  While the cocktails are not cheap, they are delicious and really hit the spot.  Pictured here is a Long Island Ice Tea that we shared before walking around the fair.   

After walking around, one gets hungry and there is food available of every kind you can think of.  I had been hearing about deep fried desserts, like candy bars and Twinkies.  So when I saw this Totally Fried Food stand, we waited in line for thirty minutes to try some.  I ordered a deep fried Butterfinger but they messed up my order and I got a Babe Ruth instead.  To me the flavors didn't mix and it was kind of a fail.  The nuts in the chocolate bar didn't match the fried shell on the outside.  The creamy peanut butter of a Butterfinger might have been better.  Who am I kidding?  This wasn't healthy and nobody should be eating this.  But when at the fair...

A deep fried Babe Ruth from the Puyallup Fair. 

Hello Kitty how I love thee.  I never play the games but I enjoy watching others play and looking at all the stuffed toys.

Last year at the Puyallup Fair we shared a waffle cone with a mix of chocolate and vanilla ice cream covered in sprinkles. 

I hope you've enjoyed looking at some of my fair photos from over the years.  Thanks for reminiscing with me!