Monday, January 30, 2012

A Snack at The Crumpet Shop inside the Pike Place Market

   Today I dragged my husband kicking and screaming to The Crumpet Shop, at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.  The name didn't sound manly enough for him but he went for me and what happened? He enjoyed it. He ordered a drip coffee, that already makes him happy enough, and a crumpet with cream cheese and egg on top. Crumpets are what we call English Muffins here in the States, but crumpets are what they're called in the U.K. They are typically enjoyed with tea for an afternoon snack. The Crumpet Shop is the only place in Seattle where you can get them.  I ordered the Vermont Maple Crumpet. It was so good and tasted like a maple bar. You can't ever go wrong with a maple bar.

An Egg and Cream Cheese Crumpet and a Vermont Maple.

The shop is adorable and has a Alice in Wonderland theme. On weekends the store gets packed, so I recommend a weekday afternoon. 

Of course you can't forget to walk around the Market for a minute too. The late January weather added a bit of a chill to the air, so we just walked around for a couple minutes.  The Pike Place Market has been around since 1907.  I love looking around at all the gorgeous local produce.

Some doughnuts I spotted that were as big as my face. Did I partake? No I was still full from my crumpet. Maybe next time?

One of the famous bronze pigs that are scattered throughout the Public Market.
A visit to the Pike Place Market is always fun. A wonderful place to people watch and enjoy all sorts of local foods.  The Crumpet Shop is located at 1501 1st Ave in Seattle.  Their phone number is 206-682-1598. The Crumpet Shop The Crumpet Shop on Urbanspoon

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dahlia Bakery

I took a visit downtown to Dahlia Bakery for their Famous Doughnuts. Six pillows of fried goodness covered in cinnamon and sugar and then dipped in Mascarpone and Cranberry Jam. The bakery is tiny so I took them home and then devoured them.

Dahlia Bakery is located in Downtown Seattle at 2001 4th Ave.  Their phone number is 206-441-4540.

 The Bakery is owned by Tom Douglas, one of the most famous chefs in Seattle. Etta's, Serious Pie, Dahlia Lounge and Lola, are a few of his restaurants located here in Seattle.  This bakery is also popular for its famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie, pictured in the photo above. 
Want a bite? The Mascarpone and Cranberry Jam went perfectly with the sugary donuts. What a sweet treat for a Saturday afternoon! 

Dahlia Bakery on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Years Ago Today.....A Visit to Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

Two years ago today, my husband and I flew to Europe for the first time. We traveled to Amsterdam and stayed for a little over a week. Eight days of sightseeing, going to Museum's ( The van Gogh Museum is really something else!), staring up at old churches and hearing the bells ring, exploring city squares on all that lovely cobblestone, hearing the little ding of bicycles passing me. I even liked the sound of the police sirens there. What can I say, its so different from home! But what I loved was the food.  Dutch chocolate, cheese, apple pie, fries dipped in mayo while standing in the street looking at the sweet European buildings, huge pancakes in pancake cafes, super strong espresso. Pretty much all my favorites, chocolate, cheese and coffee. What's not to like? Amsterdam is a beautiful city and the look and feel is very old world. Enjoy my photos as I relive one of my fav trips of all time!

                         Yes, the buildings are pretty cool and look like they could collapse!

                                                     My very first Holland Windmill.

Bikes are a huge part of the Dutch culture. Residents don't drive as much as they do in the States. Just lots and lots of bikes! Plus the transit system is wonderful too. Canals run through the whole city. Lovely to look at!


                                            One of the gorgeous old churches we saw.

                                                 The Staircase at the Bible Museum.

                                                    It even snowed while we were there!

Now let's talk about the good stuff, the food. One of the reasons why people even travel. To get tasty things you might not find at home. I will start with my favorite food of all- Chocolate!

 Dutch Hot Chocolate. Dutch chocolate is less acidic and has a milder flavor. Super smooth and good.  Especially because it snowed the day I drank this so it hit the spot.

                                                    Belgian Chocolates from Leonidas.

 A Liege Waffle. A Belgian waffle from the Liege region. Covered in chocolate, this tasted like so good!

 Dutch Chocolates from Puccini bomboni- makers of the Dutch original bomboni. Simply the best chocolate from the whole trip. From left- Rhubarb, Caramel and Amaretto.

Next is the cheese:

               The Netherlands is known for its Gouda Cheese. We tried some at Natuurlijke Reypenaer. The flavor is dense and smoky and this cheese shop has been making Gouda for over a hundred years.

                                                      A cheese display in a shop window.

Time for pictures of more dessert.

                                    Dutch Apple Pie served with ice cream and whipped cream.

             These are called Poffertjes. Small mini pancakes covered in powdered sugar and butter.

                                            Amsterdam is famous for its apple pastries.

 A Stroopwafel. A delicious cookie with two layers caramel in the middle. Brought some home with me, but I ate them on the plane home. Who could resist?

Yeah, our first meal in Amsterdam, Pannenkoeken from a Pancake Cafe. Huge pancakes with anything you want on top. We both got apples and ham on ours. 

Now that I have covered the main food groups, I will show you the other foods we tried on our trip.

Toasties: A neat name for a sandwich, you will find these all over Amsterdam. A fancy way to serve a sandwich I thought.

Check out this pizza from the cafeteria at the van Gogh museum. We split this because it was so big.

Vlamese Fries. Can you say yum? Who doesn't love fries? Add some sweetened mayo and you have a delicious snack for a cold winter day in Amsterdam. 

                A bratwurst with a snap to it! The perfect lunch paired with a salad with goat cheese.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my photos from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hope I got your interest going and have made you hungry.  There is nothing like travel to find some of the tastiest things! We absolutely loved Amsterdam and wouldn't mind returning some day. I could sure eat more of that Dutch Chocolate!