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National Roasted Marshmallow Day

Happy Roasted Marshmallow Day! When I think roasted marshmallow's I think s'mores. Then I think about summer and how its almost ending.  Always a sad time.  Don't get me wrong, I happen to love Fall.  My birthday is in October and I love the feeling of change and how everything is new again.  I especially love the fall foliage-what photographer wouldn't? But summer happens to be my favorite time of year and its almost over.  I made a fresh peach pie yesterday and now I'm writing about s'mores and campfires.  To me, its a perfect wrap up of my favorite season.  And really, summer doesn't end until late September and Seattle often has Indian summers, so really I'm not that sad but you get the gist.  Luckily, as I get older time seems to fly and the seasons come around faster than I can keep up with.  So it will be summer before I know it and I will be making s'mores and peach pie again. 

But anyway, back to roasted marshmallows.  I adore smore's …

Fresh Peach Pie

August is National Peach Month.  I don't know about anyone else, but I've been going peach crazy lately eating a peach almost every day.  They are so juicy and good plus full of vitamin C and potassium.   I like to slice them in a bowl and drizzle honey on them.  That's how I grew up eating peaches in Montana in the summers.  We would buy crates of them and the family would eat them up in a couple weeks.  Of course, my favorite way to have peaches is my mom's Fresh Peach Pie.  So I decided to make one today, it being one of the last days of August, an almost farewell to summer if you will.  My mom makes the best fruit pies ever.  But sometimes things skip a generation, making pie crusts being one of them.  Okay, I've never tried.  But when it comes to doing things in the kitchen I can get lazy.  Although I've watched my mom so many times over the years,  I prefer to buy the refrigerated pie crust ready to go.  So I bought three peaches today and sort of used he…

Alki Beach

Today my husband and I took advantage of the sunny summer day and went to Alki Beach.  Alki is in West Seattle across the the water from Seattle.  We go there a lot in the warm summer months and I love the view of the city's ever changing skyline.  There tends to be lots of crowds on the weekends, so today, a Monday was perfect.  People love to lay on the beach and sunbath, have picnics, barbeque's, play volleyball, walk their dogs, bide bikes, play in the sand, eat ice cream and the list goes on and on.  There's so much to do on Alki and that's why it's such a popular place to be.  When my family visits from out of town, I take them there.  When I want to watch a sunset, I go there.  There's many restaurants along the strip that are also pretty decent.  We've eaten at many of them and dined outside while eating, sipping cocktails and people watching.  Alki Point Lighthouse is also available for touring.  A couple of years ago, we did just that.  I love lig…

Ice Cream at Husky Deli

Husky Deli was established in 1932 and they have been making their hand crafted ice creams ever since.  The long lines outside prove how delicious and popular the place is.  In the summer happy customers with ice cream cones sit outside the deli, eating and people watching.  Husky Deli is located in West Seattle at the Junction, on one of my favorite streets, California Avenue.  I go there frequently to Cupcake Royal,Matador,West 5, Bakery Noveau and more.  But this time I finally tried some ice cream at Husky Deli.  I tried a scoop of Nutella and I loved it.  This was my first experience with that flavor of ice cream and it didn't disappoint.  I could taste the Nutella flavor and it was really soft and creamy-what I would imagine Nutella Gelato to taste like in Italy.  My husband ate the Blackberry Cheesecake Ice Cream in a sugar cone.  Good stuff.  They also have a deli, a wine selection and chocolate displays.

                                For more about Husky Deli go to http…

Archives- A Beagle Photoshoot from last August

Dexter and Molly- August 2011, a set on Flickr. I love beagles. They are hands down my favorite dog breed. I had a beagle growing up in Montana. We got him as a puppy, so cute, and he lived to be nine years old. So basically most of my childhood was spent taking him on walks, family road trips, trying to hug and hold him which he hated because most beagles just aren't cuddly. My whole family loved him and thought of him as part of the family. We still miss him to this day. So when I got a call to photograph two Beagles, Dexter and Molly, I jumped at the chance. I even thought, I get to get paid for this? I love my job and always will. We met up at the Seattle Sculpture Park on t