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Nutella Swirled Banana Muffins

It seems like there's endless recipes for using ripe bananas. And that's a good thing because every once in a while, I have a few lying around that either need to be tossed or whipped up to create something lovely tasting. If I have a little time on my hands and am craving some banana baked goods, then its the perfect opportunity.
My boys are really loving playing in the kitchen with me these days. And what a fun activity for them to experiment. It gets them away from their tablets and they actually learn by doing. What a concept! I wanted to make some easy banana muffins, but with Nutella, since I'd never done that. My boys and I are Nutella fans. When we don't have any dessert in the house, the three of us sneak little bites from a spoon. Shhh, don't tell anyone though.
For this muffin recipe, I gave them each the task of mashing up a banana. Then they took turns adding the ingredients into the bowl. For the last part of the recipe, and with my supervision and…
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Bourbon and Bacon Fest 2018

On March 10th I had the pleasure of attending the Bourbon & Bacon Fest at the Seattle Design Center. My sister-in-law received two tickets from her Employer and she took me. Lucky me! I was ready for bourbon and I was ready for bacon. Our tickets were VIP for the night portion of the event. It was nice getting in an hour and a half before the general admission because the space wasn't swarmed with people yet. Plus we could spend more time talking to the venders.
Upon entering, we were handed a bag with a whiskey glass we'd use for sampling, a bag of coins for our food and drinks, and a tray to hold everything. We forgot about the tray until we were about halfway done sampling, so we didn't use ours. The Bourbon and Bacon Fest benefits Treehouse, who work to give foster children homes and futures.
There were fifty distilleries and local restaurants there with tables. It was a little overwhelming deciding what to try first. We stayed a little over two hours and probab…

A Visit to Salt & Straw on Capital Hill

There can never be too many ice cream spots in Seattle. And lucky us, Salt & Straw from Portland, OR just opened not one, but two locations here. Ballard and Capital Hill got a Salt & Straw last month, so we headed to the closest one, the Cap Hill location, to visit. We've checked it out in Portland and were impressed with the quality and taste of the ice cream. I love how for only 50 cents you can do a split scoop and try two flavors. Because you're going to want to have at least two here. They don't mess around when they make their ice cream.
 And what I think is really cool? Since they just opened in Seattle, they've partnered with some local businesses to create some amazing flavors.  Fran's, Intrigue Chocolates, Theo Chocolates, Beecher's Cheese, Ellenos, and Rachel's Ginger Beer are some of them. They've also created the Seattle Chocolatier Series featuring five local chocolate businesses.
I couldn't pass up trying Theo's Big Dad…

Dinner at Rhein Haus

Take a trip to Germany without leaving Seattle by visiting Rhein Haus. This restaurant and bar on Capital Hill feels like a German beer hall. The space is large with several bars and even Bocce courts you can reserve. The German cuisine on their menu looked worth a visit, so my husband and I checked it out for dinner. There were several dishes I wanted to try so we ended up getting five items to share. But first-beer. Or Bier, as you'd call it in German. He ordered a mug of beer which I believe was a Pilsner. I wanted something more fruity, so I ended up with a Grapefruit Beer-a Schofferhofer Hefeweizen. I loved the citrus flavor and it reminded me of an Orange Creamsickle. And of course, we had to toast and say "Prost", which is "cheers" in German.
For eats, we shared a House Baked Pretzel with Emmental-beer fondue, the Crispy Brussels Sprouts, the Wendel, the Chicken Schnitzel Sliders, and the Berliners Donuts with Raspberry dipping sauce. The Wendel was a …