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A Visit to the Seattle Starbucks Reserve in SODO

In February, the new Starbucks Reserve in SODO opened. Of course, I had to run over and see it and take tons of photos. I was also interested in trying some pastries from Princi, the Italian bread company Starbucks has partnered with. Because what goes together better than coffee, pastries, and desserts? I had a little sticker shock, however, when I purchased my afternoon coffee and treats. Go here for the experience, to look around, get amazing customer service and great products. But I wouldn't make this a regular place to get your caffeine. I had a Nitro Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Brew. It was delivered to me in a fancy, clear cup with the Reserve logo and tasted pretty top notch. But I was kind of expecting it to be that good for the high price. I brought home several desserts for my family and my parents who were in town visiting us. I chose a Cornetti- an Italian croissant, a chocolate chip cookie, and a gorgeous slice of chocolate cake to share- a Torta Princi. I loved the q…
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A Spring Day in Volunteer Park

Warm and sunny April days in Seattle are rare. But if and when they occur, get yourself to the park. And preferably one you haven't been to in a while, so it feels new and almost like a mini, mini vacation. I chose to visit Volunteer Park, near Capital Hill. When I showed my boys photos of the Volunteer Park Water Tower, it was decided that we had to go see it and climb to the top.
There's also a playground, a beautiful conservatory, fields to run around in, and The Asian Art Museum. However, the museum is closed until next spring for reconstruction. There is a large cemetery where the famous Bruce Lee is buried. This park has it all.
The water tower feels like a hidden treasure in Seattle. Our boys enjoyed climbing the stairs of the tower and then running around in circles when we reached the top. There are windows all around the tower where you can see downtown Seattle and Bellevue, too.
The flowers were in bloom around the conservatory, creating colorful landscapes. The…

A Visit to Sugar Plum

Feeling like dessert but want it vegan? You can find frozen treats, cookies, at cake at Sugar Plum in Capital Hill. The store is sweet and whimsical and full of light. The goodies await in glass domes, ripe for the picking. I was drawn to Sugar Plum because of the soft serve, but unfortunately they were out that day. I went with a hard scoop of the Chocolate Almond in a sugar cone. We also tried a Blueberry Yogurt Popsicle and a Chocolate Chip Cookie. The desserts were all pretty light and not very rich tasting. If you like to satisfy your sweet tooth but without dairy or nuts, then this spot will fit the bill.

Date Night at Meet the Moon

Our dinner at Meet the Moon felt magical because we did "meet the moon" when we stepped outside after eating. The moon that night was big, yellow, and low. Now let's get to the food and drinks part of the night. Meet the Moon is small and they don't take reservations. So if you play your cards right, you'll get a table and you'll be sipping a drink in no time.
But we were a little late on the draw for one of the good tables. There were only a few small tables along the wall available when we got there. But beggars can't be choosers, so we took a small table and got situated. I wasn't super happy with the tiny table, but get me a cocktail in my hand and there was suddenly less to complain about.
I chose a Leschi Till' You Die drink from the list and it had rye whiskey, rinomato, grapefruit bitters, and a citrus foam. My husband had a shot of bourbon to whet the whistle. To start, we chose the guacamole and chips and the house-cut fries with a ga…