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Dote Coffee Bar

Located inside the new Lincoln Square expansion in Bellevue is Dote Coffee Bar. The space is very modern and aesthetically pleasing and their coffee is direct trade and green. That sounds nice so that means I can feel good about drinking it, right? Sure it does! To make things unique at Dote, you can also get a boozy coffee or add ice cream to make an affogato-ice cream with a shot of espresso poured on top. I tried a Madagascar Vanilla Latte and I could really taste the quality. They also have a chocolatier on site making chocolates to sell. The were lined up beautifully for all of the shutterbugs like me. Pastries also line the glass shelves to pair with your coffee. I selected some green tea and chocolate shortbread. I also couldn't resist purchasing a Daily Dote, one of the handmade chocolates. I chose a Salted Caramel and the rich chocolate melted in my mouth and tasted divine with my latte. Dote Coffee was pricey but once again, if the product is high quality, you can expec…
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Candy lovers can rejoice because Bellevue Square now has a Sugarfina store. They sell luxury candy and are popular for their colorful, champagne infused gummies. Upon walking into the store, we were greeted right away by a cheerful and happy salesperson, who offered us a chocolate covered champagne gummy bear. Not 21? Not to worry. The champagne is cooked out and is there for the flavor.
This bright and pretty store is a mecca for those looking for the perfect gift or just to treat yourself. I came in to Sugarfina because I saw they sell gummy bears with green juice. I was pleased to see they had a small bottle for $6.50 and I happily purchased them for my sons. The gummies have Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Ginger, and a green juice concentrate of apple, lemon, and spinach. My sons love gummy bears and now I can feel better about them eating them. But next time I'm buying the big bottle because they love the gummies and so do I.
Sugarfina started when a couple named Rosie and Josh wer…

Dave and Buster's

A new hot spot for the whole family to hang out is Dave and Buster's, a large arcade and restaurant that opened last month in Auburn. Dave and Buster's is a chain that first opened in Dallas in 1982. They have a funny story for how they became Dave and Buster's. Buster owned a restaurant and a few doors down Dave owned a business for entertainment and games where people could kick back and have fun. They both noticed people always splitting their time between both places, so the two entrepreneurs decided to team up and open a place for both food and fun, and so today we have Dave and Buster's. And the reason Dave's name is first is because he won the coin toss.  
So thanks to these two, there's a pretty sweet place to get your grub on, order unique cocktails, and watch the game on bright screens. When you're tired of that, just buy a game card and hit up the endless arcade. I was impressed by the sheer size of the place and it seemed like the games went on…

A Visit to Rachel's Ginger Beer

Rachel's Ginger Beer is legendary in Seattle and I can't believe it took me this long to visit one of their locations. We checked out the Capital Hill location because its the closest one to where we live and we also wanted to eat. RGB teamed up with Sunset Fried Chicken, so not only can you sip some amazing drinks, but you can get your grub on, too. The space is dark at night and has a bar feel, but all ages are welcome. You order your drinks at the counter and grab a table. If you want food, you order at the Sunset Fried Chicken counter to the right of RGB's area and they'll bring it to your table.
I was excited to try a beverage and also a little nervous because of all the choices and was worried I wouldn't know what to order. But I knew I wanted a boozy float, so it wasn't hard to choose a RGB flavor and then I had my choice of either dark rum or whiskey. I went with a Blood Orange Boozy Float with whiskey. I also ordered a cold brew float to share with my…