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What to see during the 2017 Holiday Season in Downtown Seattle

Don't miss all of the attractions in downtown Seattle this holiday season. Clear your schedule a little a take a stroll around the city. Downtown is all decked out for Christmas and I found several notable things to check out this year.
Every Christmas season its mostly the same traditional things to see in downtown, but with a variation on a theme. This way, you can head downtown every year and its always a little different. The Christmas Tree, which stands proud in front of Westlake Center, is pretty much the same every year. But the Gingerbread Village and the attractions inside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel change every year and its fun to go see them every Christmas.
Our first stop on our walk to check out everything Christmas was riding the new escalator to Sak's 5th Ave inside Westlake Center for a view of the city and the tree from above. Then we hit up Starbucks for a quick coffee.
This year the Gingerbread Village is located inside the City Centre, so just follow th…
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Happy Hour at Good Bar

For the second half of our date night we headed south from downtown Seattle to Pioneer Square and checked out Good Bar. See the first part of our date night here, at the Bookstore Bar and CafĂ©.
The Good Bar is located in a historic building that was built in 1900. It felt like a neighborhood bar but with quality food and drinks. They are also close to the stadiums, so even though it wasn't a game night, the vibe gave off that feeling. I liked the black and white finishes with touches of red and the high ceilings with the historic moldings.
Our drinks turned out to be interesting and notable. I chose a drink called the Vanity Fair and it had vodka, aperol, starvation alley cranberry and citrus scrub. It was not very sweet, but kind of sour, and felt like a seasonal cocktail given the cranberry and the citrus. My husband chose the Rainer Beer and an Underberg for $6 from the happy hour menu. He didn't know what he was getting because he'd never tried Underberg before. It …

Date Night at the Bookstore Bar and Cafe

Date Night with my husband always feels like a well earned treat. We don't get a lot of chances to go out alone without our four year old twins. So when we do it feels like magic getting to experience that time with him out on the town.
We always choose a place we've never been to eat and drink at. Most of the time, it's a classy bar or nice restaurant that doesn't have a kid's menu. We want to go somewhere together that we wouldn't be able to do with the kiddos. Finding that balance between being together as a family and having alone time with him is important to me. I always feel so special on our dates because his focus is only on me. And also, the places we go are so cool, fancy, or unique, and I feel so special to be hanging out there with him. Then when we return home to relieve the sitter and we see the boys, I feel refreshed and happy, and their embrace feels that much sweeter. So here's to date nights and getting that time away to recharge and rec…