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Dinner at Bok A Bok Fried Chicken

I recently found some hot spots in White Center to grab a bite. I've blogged about Li'l Woody's and Proletariat, that are both well worth the visit. So I covered burgers and pizza, so now how about some Korean Fried Chicken and Biscuits? Sound good to you? It sounded mouthwatering and delicious to me, so we headed to the West side and checked out Bok A Bok Fried Chicken.
Their concept is quick serve and the space is small with limited seating, so I recommend getting there around 5:00 when they open for dinner. A nice draw is they sell beer and hard cider for us diners 21 and over. I was so looking forward to sipping on an Adult Slushy, but they didn't have their slushy machine going since not enough customers order them. Boo for me, so I chose a hard apple cider and my husband had a Rainer beer.
They brought us our food and we dug in. Right away I could tell this meal was going to be a tasty one. My Chicken Strips were extra crispy and crunchy on the outside. The ch…
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Brunch at Cheeky Cafe

Sundays and Brunch go together like peanut butter and jelly. One spot in Seattle to check out is Cheeky Café found at 1700 South Jackson St. The atmosphere was relaxed and the servers were very polite and laid back. I also found the service to be fast and we received our food in good time. It was very family friendly so our kids fit in nicely. Plus, they have Mimosas. Because for me it isn't really Brunch if I don't have a Mimosa.
To start, we all shared an order of the Cinnamon Fry Bread with some Raspberry Freezer Jam. They arrived fresh and piping hot to the table and tasted reminded us of donuts, and that's not a bad thing at all. My husband had the Chicken Fried Steak and my kids each the Onesies-a plate with one pancake, eggs, and a slice of bacon. I had the Cheeky French Toast with eggs and bacon. The French Toast is filled with pastry cream, and your choice of either chocolate, bananas, or berries. I chose chocolate, of course, and then the French Toast is deep f…

Cheese Meats Bread

Feel like a grilled cheese? Head over to Uwajimaja and you'll find Cheese Meats Bread. I initially wanted to visit because I saw they serve a grilled cheese filled with mac and cheese. That item seemed unique and like something you can't find in many spots. But silly me, I ordered the wrong thing and ended up with just a classic grilled cheese filled with Hills Bacon. Don't get me wrong. It was tasty with that crispy bacon, lots of melted cheese and good quality bread. But its something I could have whipped up at home for a lot less.
My husband had the French Dip grilled cheese. It had the Cheese Meats Bread cheese blend, gruyere, braised beef cheeks, onion marmalade, French white, and onion broth. Each sandwich came in a box and was served with a side salad. Just be aware of the Buffalo Ranch dressing. It was so spicy that the salad was almost uneatable. I would suggest getting the Vinaigrette if you don't do spicy well. We also had the tots which came in a large Ch…

A Visit to the Sky View Observatory

For the best view of Seattle you've ever, ever seen, go to the top of Columbia Center. From the Sky View Observatory on the 73rd floor you'll see the city from the highest viewing tower in the Northwest. The price is $14.95 and kids 5 and under are free. I was blown away by the views and you will be, too. The day we visited was gray, but Seattle does gray well, so it was still beautiful. But I'll have to return at night some time or when its really sunny. Seeing Seattle from such a high perspective was really fun and I could have stayed up there a long time, just enjoying all there was to see.