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A Visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory

I'm starting and ending my cheese factory post with ice cream photos, because, why not? About an hour south of Seaside, Oregon is Tillamook, home of the famous cheese we all love to eat. And don't forget about the ice cream.
They are rebuilding the cheese factory to make it updated and shiny, but they have a temporary factory set up, so you can still go check it out. Really though, as long as they have cheese samples and ice cream cones for sale, does it really matter?
First of all, the drive from Seaside to Tillamook was gorgeous because of the views of the ocean along the way. So that alone was worth going. The factory was crowded with visitors so they must have been craving cheese and ice cream, too. None of us were going to be deterred from that.
The space was set up pretty identical to what I remember the old factory looking like. The last time I visited was in the 90's with my parents, so who can really remember? But they had the samples, the exhibits with the co…
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Lunch at Mo's in Cannon Beach

Craving seafood on the Oregon Coast? Pop into Mo's Restaurant in Cannon Beach for fast and fresh seafood and views of Haystack Rock. They also offer outdoor seating on their patio on warm days, getting you even closer to the beach and the sounds of the surf. We sat inside but in the corner, so we had a nice view of the water. A fun detail on the kids' menu is the Frisbee for an extra dollar and they can even get their meal served in it. There's also a large gift shop in the lobby with a good selection of toys, so there's a good chance your child will leave Mo's happy. Our boys shared a grilled cheese and fries, and we purchased two Frisbee's. I had a small dinner salad with Oregon Bay Shrimp and a cup of their famous Clam Chowder. My husband had the Halibut and Chips. He paid a few dollars more since he chose the Halibut, but he could taste the difference in the quality of the fish. They do a brisk lunch service, so be prepared to wait a few minutes to be sat.…

Oregon Coast Awesomeness

Not many places can compare to the pure, rustic beauty of the Oregon Coast. Stretching 363 miles north to south, there's plenty of coastline to explore along the Pacific Ocean. My family returned again this year and we stayed in Seaside. During our visit, we witnessed so much natural beauty. From spotting whales, to watching the sun rise and set, to seeing the stars on a dark, clear night, and seeing rainbows from our balcony, it was all good. In fact, it was awesome.

Great State Burger

We discovered some delicious burgers for dinner at Great State Burger. We checked out their newest location in Chinatown on 5th Ave. Great State Burger is a local chain in Seattle with three stores, and another location coming soon to 3rd Ave in downtown. You can also find them at Safeco Field. Their restaurants are quick serve, so when you walk in you order at the counter. This way you can still get quality bites, but for a little less than a sit down place.
Their burgers are made from organic grass-fed beef, and yes, you can taste the difference. The burgers are their take on a classic American cheeseburger. They have their special State Sauce, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and cheese. The fries are crinkly fries made from Yukon Gold potatoes. They were hot and crispy, and had the perfect amount of salt.
The burgers were simple and therefore highlighted how good of quality the beef was. Because good food doesn't need to be complicated. We also shared a chocolate shake, which wa…

A Visit to Mighty-o-donuts in South Lake Union

If you're searching for healthy donuts in Seattle, you can find some at Might-o-donuts. They are organic, egg and dairy free, and they don't use GMO's. I found the donuts to be very light and non-greasy. They have a nice selection of flavors to choose from and since we are in Seattle, they can whip up a latte to go with your donuts. We visited their new location in the Denny Triangle, their 5th location. They were established in 2000 and have been making donuts you can feel good about eating ever since. The four of us each ordered one donut. My husband had a Twist, a homemade yeast raised donut with cinnamon and sugar. One of my sons had a Grasshopper donut-a chocolate mint glazed on a cake donut, and my other son had a Chocolate Peanut Butter donut, which was a peanut butter glaze on a chocolate cake donut. The donut I chose was a Donut King, a chocolate cake donut with a vanilla glaze and then rolled in coconut. These weren't your usual "eat a donut and have a …